Mixing Console Rentals

Digital Consoles

Allen & HeathQu-1616+3 stereo1216 Aux
Allen & HeathQu-2424+3 stereo2016 Aux
AvidProfile48 (expandable to 96)24 (expandable to 48)4 Mix Engine Cards
FWx and ECx Cards
Venue ProPack 2.0
Massive Pack 4
AvidSC48481616 Aux
8 Matrix
AvidStage Rack4824
MidasM3240 (32 mono + 8 auxillary)1616 Aux
8 Matrix
YamahaCL148+8 stereo8 (expandable)24 Groups/Aux
8 Matrix
YamahaCL572+8 stereo8 (expandable)24 Groups/Aux
8 Matrix
YamahaLS9-1616816 Groups/Aux
8 Matrix
YamahaLS9-32321616 Groups/Aux
8 Matrix
YamahaM7CL-4848+4 stereo1616 Groups/Aux
8 Matrix
YamahaPM5D-RH48+4 stereo3624 Groups/Aux
8 Matrix
YamahaQL116 (expandable to 32+8)8 (expandable)16 Aux
8 Matrix
16 DCA
32x32 Dante
Dugan Automixer
YamahaQL532 (expandable to 64+8)16 (expandable)16 Aux
8 Matrix
16 DCA
64x64 Dante
Dugan Automixer
YamahaTF140 (32 mono + 2 stereo + 2 return)1620 Aux
YamahaTF-RACK161620 Aux

Software versions for digital consoles are kept up to date – please call with any questions.

Analog Consoles

ManufacturerModelInputsMain OutputsAux OutputsGroupsMatrix
Allen & HeathGL2800-3230+2 Stereo310812x4
Allen & HeathZED-146+4 Stereo24--
Allen & HeathZED-62+2 Stereo2---
Mackie402-VLZ32+1 Stereo2---
Mackie1202-VLZ4+4 Stereo22--
Mackie1402-VLZ6+4 Stereo22--
MackieONYX 164016364-
MackieONYX 164016364-

Automatic and Specialty Mixers

ARXABS-1Stereo A/B switcher
Dan DuganE-18-channel automatic mixing controller
MidasXL888x8 matrix mixer
ShureFP4104-channel automatic mixer
ShureSCM8108-channel automatic mixer
ShureSCM-820-DAN8-channel automatic mixer w/Dante

Mixing Console Accessories

See Computing, Networking and Digital Transport for more Digital Console Accessories

ApogeeBig BenMaster clock
AvidPQ ControllerVENUE D-show and Profile systems
AvidPQ RackVENUE D-show and Profile systems
AvidVENUE Firewire card
AvidVENUE PROFILEDigital control surface only
AvidVENUE snake card
AvidVENUE Stage rack48 x 24 outputs
AvidPlugin upgrade packVENUE system. Includes Massive pack 4, Serato RS dynamics, and SPL Transient Designer plugins
Aviom16/o-Y1A-Net output card for Yamaha consoles
MackieONYX Firewire CardONYX mixer
Pro Span SupportEZ TiltConsole Stand
YamahaDugan-MY16Yamaha expansion card - 16 channels of insertable Dan Dugan automix
YamahaMY4-DAYamaha expansion card - 4 analog outputs on XLR connectors
YamahaMY8-AEYamaha expansion card - 8 AES/EBU digital format I/O on a 25-pin D-Sub connector
YamahaMY8-AD96Yamaha expansion card - 8-channel analog input card with a 25-pin D-Sub connector
YamahaMY8-DA96Yamaha expansion card - 8-channel analog output card with a 25-pin D-Sub connector
YamahaMY8-SDI-EDYamaha expansion card - HD/SDI embed/de-embed
YamahaMY16-ATYamaha expansion card - 16-channel ADAT optical-format I/O
YamahaMY16-TDYamaha expansion card - 16-channel TDIF I/O on (2) 25-pin D-Sub connectors
YamahaNY64-DYamaha expansion card - 64-channel DANTE card for TF series consoles
YamahaSS28-10SCSI cascade cable for PM1D / PM5D(-RH)
YamahaRio1608-DDante stage box, 16 inputs, 8 outputs
YamahaRio3224-DDante stage box, 32 inputs, 16 outputs, 4 AES/EBU outputs
YamahaRO8-DDante stage box, 8 outputs
YamahaPW800WPower supply for CL series, PM5D, and M7CL consoles
YamahaTio1608-DDante stage box, 16 inputs, 8 outputs