Gear Sales – Test

New Gear

Only high-quality equipment produces high-quality sound.  We only carry the best products in the industry.  If it’s not well built, reliable, or doesn’t sound great, we won’t use it on our live events or sell it to our clients.

We’re authorized dealers of over 100 professional audio manufacturers, offering a wide selection of products that meet our standards.

That said, providing quality equipment is only half the job.

At TC Furlong Inc., we believe there is no one-size-fits-all audio solution.

Whether you’re looking for a single microphone cable or a full loudspeaker system for a house of worship or theater, our sales staff takes the time to listen to you, fully assess your needs, and suggest gear that will best serve your needs.

Because we’re a team of seasoned sound engineers and technicians instead of salesmen, we’re aware of the product distinctions and details that are critical to getting the most out of your purchase.

We use the gear we sell on a regular basis, and are committed to providing the right system for you, instead of pushing margin.

When all is said and done, you can be confident that your new gear will be perfectly tailored to the specific needs of your system and your facility, and that we will stand behind the products we sell.


Call our Sales Team at 847-367-9588, or email us to get started today!

Closeout Gear

Through the course of our business, we frequently have gear for sale at less than “new, A-Stock” pricing, sold through our Closeout department.

We have four categories of closeout equipment:


Sales stock that has never been used


Sales stock that has been used or demoed, but in good cosmetic and operational condition


Sales stock that has been used or demoed with minor cosmetic defects, but in good operational condition

Used Equipment

Equipment retired from our extensive rental inventory

To see the complete closeout inventory, click here.

We also sell closeout gear via our eBay Store.