Audio Rentals for The Chicago Theater

Chicago_Theater_-_dayTC Furlong Inc. offers professional audio rentals for The Chicago Theater in Chicago, IL.

Our vast inventory of audio rental gear for The Chicago Theater—coupled with our fast service and 24×7 support—will ensure you have the sound gear you need to have a successful event.

Audio rentals at The Chicago Theater include:

  • Wireless microphone system rentals
  • Lavalier microphone system rentals
  • Loudspeaker system rentals
  • PA system rentals
  • Sound system rentals
  • Mixing console rentals
  • Wired microphone rentals
  • In-ear monitor system rentals
  • Wired and wireless intercom rentals
  • Event recording rentals
  • Conference microphone rentals
  • Automixer rentals
  • Press feed rentals
  • and much more!

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TC Furlong Inc. offers 24×7 support, fast response times, professional staff (project managers, drivers, and technicians), and a willingness to do whatever it takes to make your event a success.


We accept all major credit cards and use Docusign for contracts to expedite your order.

If you need audio rentals at The Chicago Theater, Chicago, the Midwest, or nationwide, call our Rental Team at 847.367.9588 or email them at

You can rent with confidence from TC Furlong Inc.  We have been providing audio rentals, sound systems, and live sound services to venues like The Chicago Theater in Chicago, and other theaters in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, the Midwest, and nationwide for over 40 years.