Goldline APT2 Absolute Polarity/Phase Analyzer Rental

Gold Line apt2 image2We offer Goldline APT2 Absolute Polarity/Phase Analyzer rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The Goldline APT2 Absolute Polarity/Phase Analyzer is just one of many pieces of audio testing equipment in our rental inventory.

The Gold Line Polarity Analyzer analyzes the initial rise and the peak amplitude of a repetitive acoustic pulse picked up by an internal condenser microphone to determine and indicate the absolute polarity of the acoustic pulse. A repetitive test pulse signal, with a fast rise and a known polarity is applied to the loudspeaker under test, with or without its normally associated amplifier. The Polarity Analyzer contains special discriminating circuitry to minimize the influence of loudspeaker (preshoot) transient distortion which varies greatly from speaker to speaker and, unless properly screened, is a potential source of false polarity indication. To check acoustical or electrical polarity, the generator is connected to the input of the device under test.

The detector is utilized to pick up the output signal. The analyzer section processes the information and decides whether the device under test reverses signal polarity or not. The results are displayed via two LEDs: (+) or POSITIVE-GOING POLARITY and ( – ) or NEGATIVE-GOING POLARITY. THE APT2 features the Polarity Analyzer and the Pulse Generator as separate units allowing the user greater mobility in halls or stadiums since the generator portion can be placed in the most convenient location. The polarity analyzer portion contains two LEDs to indicate POSITIVE-GOING POLARITY or NEGATIVE-GOING POLARITY, the pick up microphone and the push to activate button. The polarity analyzer portion operates on its own 9 volt battery. The pulse generator unit has a RED flashing LED to indicate when the generator is in operation. The generator module has separate ¼ inch phone jack outputs for either a line level output signal or a signal capable of driving speakers without amplification. The generator portion is also powered by its own 9 volt battery and is turned ON or OFF by inserting or removing a ¼ inch phone plug from the phone jack output.

TC Furlong offers Goldline APT2 Absolute Polarity/Phase Analyzer rentals alongside  many other pieces of audio testing equipment and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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Goldline APT2 Absolute Polarity/Phase Analyzer Rental Documentation:

Gold Line APT2 Rental Manual (PDF)