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The Studio Technologies Model 90 Microphone Switcher is just one of many pieces of audio testing equipment in our rental inventory.

The Model 90 Switcher is designed to allow multiple microphone support for measurement systems such as SIA Software’s SmaartLive. Using the Model 90, audio professionals can easily realize the benefits of obtaining multiple measurement points. Up to eight microphones can be connected and routed to the two outputs. Each of the eight inputs includes a source of 48 volt phantom power. This ensures correct operation of virtually all measurement microphones. Eight DIP-type switches allow individual on/off control of the phantom power sources. Line-level signals can also be connected and routed by the Model 90. For additional flexibility, an audio attenuator (“pad”) circuit is associated with each of the two outputs. These pads, in or out selectable under software control, simplify the connection of a mix of microphone and line-level signals. Front-panel switches and displays allow manual operation of the unit. The Model 90 also incorporates a USB interface, enabling PC control of the unit’s operation.

The Model 90’s switching functions are entirely passive, with no active electronics in the signal path. Simple by design, the Model 90 does not include microphone pre-amplification, analog-to-digital conversion, or other processing circuitry. The outputs are intended to be connected to devices best suited to perform those tasks. Switching and pad functions are performed using 36 sub-miniature electro-mechanical relays. The circuitry design has been optimized to provide negligible signal degradation, high off isolation, and excellent cross-talk characteristics. For flexibility, each of the two outputs can be placed in one of three states: connected, connected with pad, and not connected. In either of the connected states any one of the eight inputs can be connected to an output. In the connected with pad state the selected input is first routed through a resistor attenuator and then onto the output. In the not connected state the output is actually terminated providing a balanced 150 ohm load. This presents a “quiet” signal to an associated measurement system.

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