Studio Technologies SPLnet Model 100 Measurement System Rental

Studio Technologies SPLnet Model 100 image systemWe offer Studio Technologies SPLnet Model 100 Measurement System rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The Studio Technologies SPLnet Model 100 Measurement System is just one of many pieces of audio testing equipment in our rental inventory.

The rental package includes:

  • Model 100 Main Electronics Unit
  • Model 122 Class 2 Measurement Microphone
  • PoE Injector
  • Temperature Sensor
  • USB Security Dongle for SPLcapture Software
  • Microphone Interconnecting Cable
  • Ethernet Crossover Cable

The SPLnet system from Studio Technologies provides a unique and powerful set of tools to measure, calculate, display, report, and respond to sound levels. The SPLnet system is ideally suited for entertainment-related and commercial measurement and level compliance applications. No matter whether used singly in a nightclub or performance space, or deployed in multiple locations in a concert arena or sports stadium, the same range of measurement resources are available. For example, in a concert venue the SPLnet’s time-averaged (Leq) and percentile (Ln) measurement capabilities can be used to ensure that established maximum SPL levels are maintained. Level status information can be directly conveyed using the built-in LED indicator lights. Alternately, an operator can view real-time level data using an integrated Java™ applet. In a sports stadium application multiple applets can run on a single personal computer, providing a real-time view of the sound system’s level at multiple points. This can be especially useful in situations where crowd size and weather conditions change over the course of an event.

An SPLnet system can serve as a “confidence monitor” for unattended locations or venues, revealing not only that a system is functioning, but is functioning at the proper audio level. Audio “hot spots” are excellent locations for SPLnet systems to be deployed, providing a real-time comparison to “front of house” levels. Industrial and governmental applications can take advantage of SPLnet systems for noise-compliance monitoring. With the system’s SNMP network management support, deploying multiple units over a large physical area is simply not an issue. Using a database application and an SNMP Network Management System (NMS), data from multiple units can easily be stored and analyzed from a central location. This can be an important first step in ensuring compliance with facility safety policies or government-mandated exposure regulations.

  • Useful in a broad range of entertainment, commercial, and industrial environments
  • Provides “always on” SPL measurement
  • Real-time monitoring using Java applet or SNMP
  • Highly visible LEDs respond to level conditions
  • Automatic alerting using SNMP traps, email, and SMS
  • Measures SPL at one location or many
  • Temperature and humidity measurement capable

TC Furlong offers Studio Technologies SPLnet Model 100 Measurement System rentals alongside  many other pieces of audio testing equipment and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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Studio Technologies SPLnet Model 100 Measurement System Rental Documentation:

Studio Technologies SPLnet Model 100 Rental Data Sheet (PDF)