Clear-Com CS-222 Wired Intercom Master Station Rentals

Clear-Com CS-222We offer Clear-Com CS-222 Wired Intercom Master Station rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The Clear-Com CS-222 Wired Intercom Master Station is one part of several intercom systems in our rental inventory.

All Clear-Com CS-222 Wired Intercom Master Station rentals include transmitters, receivers, and cables.

The CS-222 is a portable main station with carrying handle, power supply, and a versatile intercom monitoring system. It supports two channels of intercom with up to 30 headset stations or 10 speaker stations. It features Clear-Com’s excellent speech intelligibility in both high and low noise environments.

The station can monitor intercom activity on one or both channels with individual Listen Level controls. Monitoring intercom activity is possible through a headset,  or external earphone or speaker. The 4-watt output amplifier can drive a standard Clear-Com headset to levels greater than 110 dB SPL – more than enough volume for the noisiest environment.

The station contains a mic preamp with limiter and proprietary speech-shaping circuits for enhanced intelligibility. An individual electronic momentary/latching talk button is provided for each channel. These buttons light dimly when latched. The channels may be accessed separately simultaneously without being tied together. To combine both channels in a single party line, a “Link” switch is provided on the front panel.

For paging applications, the station provides a balanced, line-level output signal to a connector on the rear panel. The front panel Stage Announce button activates the output and the Stage Announce relay.

Visual “call” signaling attracts the attention of operators who have removed their headsets or turned off their speakers. The station provides individual Call buttons for each channel to signal all stations on the channel(s). When a remote station operator sends a Call signal, the CS-222’s associated Talk button lights brightly. The Visual Signal circuit is also used to activate the optional remote page feature at other stations

  • Portable, heavy-duty enclosure with carry handle
  • Supports up to 30 beltpacks or 10 speaker stations on 2 channels
  • Automatic short-circuit protection and reset with LED indicators
  • Dual-action electronic momentary/latching “Talk” buttons
  • Mic- or line-level program with selectable “Program Interrupt”
  • “Remote Mic Kill”
  • Stage announce with relay
  • Individual volume controls for each channel
  • Front-panel headphone connector
  • Channel A & B “Link” switch to operate as a one-channel system
  • Front-panel speaker output
  • U.L. approved

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Clear-Com CS-222 Rental Documentation:

Clear-Com CS-222 Rental Spec Sheet (PDF)