RTS SSA-324 Intercom System Interface Rentals

RTS SSA324 imageWe offer RTS SSA-324 Intercom System Interface rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The RTS SSA-324 Intercom System Interface is one part of several intercom systems in our rental inventory.

The Model SSA-324 is a System to System Adapter (or interface). It interconnects the voice signals between different intercom systems. In addition, it can optionally interconnect “Calls” or tally signals between systems. Each SSA324 includes two two-wire to four-wire converters. The four-wire interface can deliver and accept high level signals such as those from the McCurdy intercom system. An SSA324 can also function as a two-wire to two-wire interface by interconnecting the two individual interfaces at the four-wire level. The SSA324 carries two voice channels when used as a dual two-wire to four-wire interface, and one voice channel when functioning as a two-wire to two-wire interface.

A front panel channel select switch for each of the two interfaces (A and B) will select one of two, two-wire channels. For ClearCom use, the switch will be in the Channel 2 position. For Audiocom use, a rear panel switch will select balanced two-wire operation.

TC Furlong offers RTS SSA-324 Intercom System Interface rentals alongside many other intercom systems and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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RTS SSA-324 Intercom System Interface Rental Documentation:

RTS SSA-324 Rental Manual (PDF)