Meyer Sound LD-1A Line Driver Rental

meyer sound ld-1aWe offer Meyer Sound LD-1A Line Driver rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The Meyer Sound LD-1A Line Driver is just one of many loudspeaker accessories in our rental inventory.

The Meyer LD-1A line driver combines functions previously accessed on the control electronics units (CEU) for externally amplified Meyer loudspeakers with new features, and locates them in a self-contained device accessible to the sound engineer during both setup and performance.

The mid-high section has two switch-activated optimized filters. The Array EQ filter minimizes the low-mid frequency rise caused by horizontal arrays of three to five MSL-4 speakers. The Lo Cut filter performs a crossover function for the mid-high output. With the Lo Cut filter out, a full-range signal is sent to the mid-high output.

The DS-2 & Sub Crossover function is intended for the DS-2P mid-bass speaker when used with the 650-P or PSW-2 subwoofers. With the DS-2 & Sub Crossover switch in, the Sub output receives frequencies below 80 Hz, and the DS-2 output receives frequencies above 80 Hz. When the DS-2P is used alone as a subwoofer, or is not included in the system, the switch should be out, which sends a full-range signal to both outputs.

The mid-high, DS-2, and sub outputs each have a mute switch and a gain control that modifies their channel’s Master gain level; the DS-2 and Sub outputs have a polarity toggle. The mute switches affect the mid-high, DS-2, or sub output only. For example, the mid-high output can be muted without affecting the loop, sub, or DS-2 outputs. The six auxiliary channels (3–8) control down-fill, frontfill, and delay systems. Auxiliary channels can also be used to divide the main system into subsystems, allowing independent signal levels for speakers directed at different audience locations. Each auxiliary channel has Lo Cut and Array EQ filters, a mute switch, and gain control. The two main and six auxiliary channels are fully independent from each other.

The LD-1A occupies two rack spaces and is constructed with a 16-gauge steel chassis and 1/8-inch rack ears. This rugged design provides protection from accidental impact, magnetic isolation from nearby devices, and EMI immunity.

  • Integrates different self-powered speakers
  • Gain, mute and optimized EQ for six auxiliar systems
  • Maintains signal integrity for long cable paths
  • Separate mid-high, DS-2 (Mid-Bass), and sub output controls
  • Male XLR loop connector to route the input signal to an auxiliary channel or another device

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Meyer Sound LD-1A Line Driver Rental Documentation:

Meyer Sound LD-1A Rental Manual (PDF)