Rane AD22B Digital Speaker Delay Rental

Rane AD22BWe offer Rane AD22B Digital Speaker Delay rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The Rane AD22B Digital Speaker Delay is just one of many loudspeaker accessories in our rental inventory.

The Rane AD 22 and AD 22B are fully balanced two Input, two Output audio alignment Delays providing a range of 0.011 to 327.68 milliseconds on each Output. The Delay of each Output is independently adjustable in 10 microsecond and 1 millisecond increments.
Each Output has two nonvolatile Memories (no batteries required), A and B, for easy access to previously stored Delay values. Remote Recall screw terminals on the rear accept external configuration switches, permitting independent remote recall of the Memories.
The AD 22 and AD 22B employ the Dolby Time Link 1-bit delta-sigma encode/decode circuit; the same circuit used in some Dolby surround sound decoding units for home theater systems. This ensures the highest possible audio quality throughout the system.
Delay values can be displayed in milliseconds, feet or meters. The ambient temperature of the room may be manually entered in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. This temperature is used to accurately convert distance into time.

  • 1-Bit Dolby Time Link Conversion
  • Two Independent Channels (2 In – 2 Out)
  • 0.011 to 327.68 ms Delay Range per Channel
  • Independent 10µs and 1ms Step Sizes
  • Independent Remote Memory Recall
  • Two EEPROM Memories per Channel (No Batteries)
  • Front Panel Lockout Switch on Rear
  • Delay Display in Milliseconds, Feet or Meters
  • Fail-Safe Bypass for Each Channel
  • AC 22B has Active Balanced XLR Inputs & Outputs

TC Furlong offers Rane AD22B Digital Speaker Delay rentals alongside many other loudspeaker accessories and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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Rane AD22B Digital Speaker Delay Rental Documentation:

Rane AD22B Rental Manual (PDF)