XTA DP224 Loudspeaker Processor Rental

XTA DP224We offer XTA DP224 Loudspeaker Processor rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The XTA DP224 Loudspeaker Processor is just one of many loudspeaker accessories in our rental inventory.

Superb audio quality – carefully optimised double precision signal processing coupled with a 40-bit internal data path ensures a dynamic range in excess of 110dB. The high sampling rate means minimal filtering providing exceptional sonic purity.

A flexible 2-input/4-output multi-mode format caters for any crossover configuration, regardless of scale.

A total of 36 parametric equalisation bands are available, each providing +15 to -30dB of gain at centre frequencies between 20Hz and 20kHz, with a wide range of ‘Q’s available between 0.4 to 128.

All parameters feature fine resolution with 1/36 octave frequency steps, 0.1dB gain increments, and 100 ‘Q’ settings. Any parametric section can also be set to operate as a high or low shelving filter.

Each output features a high performance limiter, provided with complete control over attack, release and threshold parameters. To aid set-up, the output meters show headroom to the limiter threshold, and use time constants that track those of the limiter to display precise power usage.

TC Furlong offers XTA DP224 Loudspeaker Processor rentals alongside many other loudspeaker accessories and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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XTA DP224 Loudspeaker Processor Rental Documentation:

XTA DP224 and DP226 Rental Manual (PDF)