MacPherson M10P Loudspeaker Rental

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The MacPherson M10P is just one of many loudspeakers in our rental inventory.

The MacPherson M10P is a full-bandwidth, multi-application loudspeaker that excels in both audio quality and application flexibility. The very compact multi-angled cabinet design allows the M10P to be used as a low-profile floor monitor or “wedge.” The M10P can also be stand mounted with the addition of an optional pole-mount adapter. The 2-way design incorporates a sophisticated crossover network, allowing a single amplifier channel to produce high SPL with minimum frequency and phase anomalies. The internal components include a 10-inch woofer and a 1-inch high-frequency compression driver coupled to a constant-directivity horn. The high-frequency response pattern is 60-degrees in both the horizontal and vertical axes.

The M10P can be effectively used for a wide variety of live and playback sound reinforcement applications. These include corporate A/V, houses of worship, theater, and theme parks. The M10P is designed expressly for use in single-cabinet point-source applications, including stereo and split point-source configurations. The M10P’s wide dispersion and cabinet geometry is optimized for applications other than narrow point-source horizontal arrays.

Field experience has proven the M10P’s value. One user apologetically described the M10P in non-technical but real-world terms: “it’s really cute, and sounds great!” While possibly not an endorsement that an engineer would appreciate, it does confirm the M10P’s successful design.

Major strengths of the M10P include its compact overall size and excellent audio quality. By utilizing a high-performance 10-inch woofer the enclosure’s dimensions could be scaled without compromising the desired audio quality. The enclosure’s size and carefully designed proportions are such that it can serve unobtrusively in many floor “wedge” and utility applications. When stand-mounted the M10P offers a pleasant alternative to larger, sight-line-impacting cabinets. It’s important to note that the M10P is not intended for overhead suspension applications. That’s a role filled by its companion product the M10PF.

The M10P’s audio performance is well behaved in both the frequency and phase domains, resulting in superb voice and music reproduction. An additional benefit is that unwanted interactions between loudspeakers and live microphones are minimized. This can increase a system’s gain-before-feedback performance. The M10P also exhibits a carefully controlled off-axis power response. This can reduce unwanted room interactions, resulting in improved intelligibility and vocal clarity. Carefully implemented bracing inside the enclosure minimizes the generation of unwanted vibrations. Internal damping materials were carefully selected for optimal performance. What’s the result when human beings listen to the M10P? A consistently positive reaction to the audio quality both during controlled (demo) listening and actual use.

Inside and out, the M10P is a fully professional-grade product. The enclosure is made of hardwood plywood, providing durability as well as minimal audio resonance. The textured epoxy paint finish provides a rugged yet elegant appearance. The M10P’s low profile was designed to minimize obstruction of sight lines. An integral handle provides assistance during transportation and set up. Two NL4 connectors are located in a recessed area of the cabinet, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits.

When describing a product it’s important to point out its limitations as well as its strengths. While the M10P’s overall audio quality is very good, its compact size and design criteria serve to limit its performance in the low-frequency (sub-100 Hz) range. The M10P’s design goal was for smooth phase-coherent audio response, rather than extending the low end with “tricks” such as aggressive filters or sub-optimal port-tuning. The M10P’s low-frequency performance should not pose a problem for the intended applications. However in other cases, such as in front-of-house applications, external subwoofers would generally be required. In addition, the M10P is also not designed for applications where extreme SPL levels are required. For example, for rock n’ roll applications the M10P would not be applicable as a drum monitor. Does the M10P go “loud”? Certainly. But it’s not a high-power design in the absolute sense. Again, the M10P works great for its intended applications!

  • Recommended amplifier power- 200 W
  • Coverage pattern- 60 degrees horizontal, 60 degrees vertical
  • Frequency response- 90 Hz to 17 kHz (+/- 2 dB)
  • Smooth voice and music reproduction
  • Compact multi-angle design
  • 2-way design with integral crossover
  • Rugged hardwood plywood enclosure
  • Integral surface-protecting “skid plates”
  • Pole-cup mount attachment points
  • 14″ X 20″ X 15″
  • 34.8 lbs.

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MacPherson M10P Rental Documentation:

MacPherson M10P Rental Spec Sheet (PDF)