MacPherson Monolith Loudspeaker Rental

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The MacPherson Monolith is just one of many loudspeakers in our rental inventory.

The MacPherson Monolith Version 2 is a high-performance 3-way loudspeaker that excels in both sonic quality and application flexibility. Its unique flat-profile design enables it to perform in a variety of applications with unparalleled results. For some applications the compact cabinet size alone makes it attractive, but the Monolith Version 2’s most important characteristic is its sound. Located inside the 8.5-inch deep cabinet are an 18-inch woofer, two 6.5-inch direct-radiating mid-frequency drivers, and a 2-inch high-frequency compression driver coupled to a slot-CD horn. These components work together to provide true broadband response which is effective from 17kHz to below 50Hz. The carefully selected components provide significant LF output, along with excellent clarity and sonic detail in the MF and HF ranges. The standard Monolith Version 2 is a bi-amplified design, with tri-amp available as an option.

The Monolith Version 2 builds on the strengths of the original Monolith, adding significant improvement to its audio performance. Long considered one of the best-sounding loudspeakers on the market, the Monolith Version 2 raises the “sonic bar” with flatter response, better phase coherence, and increased detail. Significant improvements were made to both the MF and HF sections of the loudspeaker. A new MF driver was selected, of which two are used in each Monolith Version 2. The new driver features a composite cone and an integrated phase plug. A new crossover network was designed to optimize MF performance. A custom-designed damping insert is now incorporated into the HF compression driver. This reduces the standing waves that can be created by the driver’s rear mechanical system. A re-designed HF crossover network effectively shapes and controls the response of the compression driver. The MF and HF sections work together to provide a nominally flat response with minimal phase interaction. Listeners will experience excellent clarity and strong inter-sonic detail.

Monolith Version 2 loudspeakers can effectively be used singly, in stereo pairs, or in multi-cabinet vertical line arrays. For application flexibility, the MF and HF components can be rotated. This is especially important when creating vertical line arrays, proving high sound-pressure levels and wide coverage without the phase anomalies typical in horizontally arrayed system. Versions are available for portable or installation use. Both include provisions for overhead-suspension use, incorporating aluminum aircraft track and threaded insert points. Rigging components, including a low-profile fly bar and cabinet-to-cabinet fittings, are available. For portable applications the road version includes the Intermast System, a proprietary design which incorporates mounting poles and hardware inside the loudspeaker’s cabinet. This unique feature allows direct cabinet support using subwoofers, the factory-available road case, or floor stands. When not in use, the Intermast System retracts completely into the cabinet.

  • Recommended amplifier power- LF- 500 to 750 W, MF/HF- 350 to 500 W
  • Frequency response- 44 Hz to 17 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
  • Coverage pattern- 90 degrees horizontal, 55 degrees vertical
  • Maximum SPL- 124 dB
  • Excellent sonic fidelity and detail
  • Wide, consistent coverage
  • Can be used individually or formed into vertical line arrays
  • Ideal for live concert, worship, theme

    park, theater, corporate A/V applications

  • 18″ X 22″ X 22″
  • 72.5 lbs.

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MacPherson Monolith Rental Documentation:

MacPherson Monolith Rental Spec Sheet (PDF)