Allen & Heath ZED-6 Compact Analog Mixing Console Rental

Zed-6We offer Allen & Heath ZED-6 rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The Allen & Heath ZED-6 is just one of many analog mixing consoles in our rental inventory.

The Allen & Heath ZED-6 has been created for musicians, singer / songwriters and venues seeking Allen & Heath’s renowned build and audio quality in a compact, portable format. Whether it’s bouncing ideas around at home, performing live or recording tracks to share on YouTube and Soundcloud, ZED-6 is a versatile companion for every step of the creative journey. Featuring the new GSPre boutique preamp design, developed from the revered GS-R24 studio recording console, the ZED boasts exceptionally low noise and massive headroom, with a signature analogue warmth and depth. Guitarists will be pleased to know that ZED-6 comes with a pair of Guitar DI high impedance inputs, allowing guitars to be plugged straight into the mixer without the hassle and expense of carrying separate DI boxes..

Allen & Heath has been a trusted name in professional audio since 1969. The ZED technology advances, but the commitment to audio excellence and build quality endures.

The Zed-6 Features:

  • 2 mic/line inputs with separate XLR and TRS jack sockets
  • 2 stereo inputs with TRS jack sockets
  • 2 guitar DI high impedance inputs, eliminating the need for DI boxes
  • Lo-cut filter for cleaning up unwanted low frequency noise
  • 2 band EQ for easy creative corrective tonal shaping
  • 60mm smooth travel fader on main mix
  • XLR main outputs
  • Flexible signal monitoring
  • 8 LED signal metering
  • 48V Phantom Power for condenser mics
  • Robust internal power supply

TC Furlong offers Allen & Heath Zed-6 rentals alongside an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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Allen & Heath Zed-6 Rental Documentation:

Allen & Heath Zed-6 Rental Manual (PDF)