APB DynaSonics Spectra Ti48+4P Analog Mixing Console Rental

APB DynaSonics Spectra Ti48 imageWe offer APB DynaSonics Spectra Ti48 rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The APB DynaSonics Spectra Ti48 is just one of many analog mixing consoles in our rental inventory.

The APB DynaSonics Spectra Ti is a high performance analog console from APB-DynaSonics designed to offer truly exceptional sound quality, versatility and reliable performance in a range of fixed installation and touring sound applications.

Each of these VCA-based models is available with 24, 32, 40, 48 and 56 mono input channels and all sizes feature 4 additional stereo line-input channels. A 24 channel mono-input expander is also available for use with all of the available models for both Spectra-C/Ci and Spectra-T/Ti.

Feature rich, Spectra consoles include VCA control on inputs and outputs, mono/stereo/3-speaker LCR monitoring, and inserts on all primary outputs, including the Auxes and Matrixes. The Master VCA output fader can simultaneously control the levels of Left, Right, Center, Mono and any of the four Matrix outputs. The Spectra-C/Ci and Spectra-T/Ti represent a unique, inventive approach to design that literally redefines the potential of live-performance analog consoles for a new generation of users.

  • 48 mono + 4 stereo inputs
  • 4 main outputs
  • 10 aux outputs
  • 10 groups
  • 15×4 matrix
  • Available In 5 Chassis Sizes With Optional 24-Input Expander
  • Mono Input Channels Feature Highest Quality Burr-Brown Microphone Preamps
  • 8 VCA Groups For Inputs
  • Output VCA System For Left, Right, Center And Mono Outputs
  • User-Selectable VCA Control On All Matrix Outputs
  • THAT® Corporation VCA Elements Used Throughout
  • 12 Mute Group System (4 Discrete + 8 VCA-Assignment Linked)
  • 10 Auxiliary Buses With Pre/Post Fader (4) And Pre/Post EQ (2) Switches
  • 100mm High-Quality Faders On Aux Outputs With Polarity Reverse Switches
  • Aux Outputs Have Pre/Post Assignment To Matrix Section And Assignments To Left, Right, Center And Mono Buses
  • 4 Stereo/Split-Track Line Input Channels Included On All Console Configurations
  • Inserts On All Primary Outputs Including Aux And Matrix Outputs
  • Internally Illuminated Solo And Mute Switches
  • 2 Or 3 Speaker (LCR) Control Room Monitoring (Front Panel Switchable)
  • 2 Bus (Mono/Stereo) Solo PFL System, 3 Bus (Mono/Stereo/LCR) Solo AFL System
  • Left-Right, Center and Mono (Sub-Woofer/Aux) Assignment System
  • Subwoofer Mix Can Be Derived From Discrete Mono Or Aux Assignment
  • 15 X 4 Matrix System With Inserts And XLR Balanced Outputs
  • 2 Mono Alternate Outputs With Transformer Isolated (Jensen) Balanced XLR Outputs
  • Stereo (Record) Alternate Output With TRS and RCA Outputs
  • 1/8″ And 1/4″ Headphone Output Connectors
  • Talkback System With Int/Ext TB mic and 1 kHz Oscillator
  • 6-Segment LED Metering on Mono Input Channels
  • Eighteen 15-Segment LED Meters for Output and Solo Monitoring
  • Lamp Connectors (4-Pin XLR) With Dimmer Control (Gooseneck Lamps Included)
  • 24 Mono-Input Expander System Available
  • Primary AND Secondary (Included) Plug-In Power Supplies With Power Factor Correction (Operate In Equal Current Sharing Mode). A Single Supply Will Power The Console Should A Fault Occur To Either Supply.

TC Furlong offers APB DynaSonics Spectra Ti48 rentals alongside an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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APB DynaSonics Spectra Ti48 Rental Documentation:

APB DynaSonics Spectra Ti48 Rental Manual (PDF)