Midas XL88 8×8 Matrix Mixer Rental

Midas XL88 imageWe offer Midas XL88 8×8 Matrix Mixer rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

If you have any questions about an Midas XL88 8×8 Matrix Mixer rental in Chicago, suburban Chicago, or nationwide, or to reserve your rental, contact our Rental Team at 847.367.9588 or rentals@tcfurlong.com.

The Midas XL88 8×8 Matrix Mixer is just one of many mixing consoles in our rental inventory.

The Midas XL88 is a line level 8 x 8 matrix mixer that will greatly expand the capabilities of any mixing console to give eight fully independent sound balances from eight pre-mixed group outputs from the main console. In simple terms, the XL88 takes outputs from the console and allows the user to mix them into different combinations on the mixer before routing them to wherever they are required.

The construction of the XL88 is fully modular to Midas’ high standard. The steel frame is designed to be mounted in a standard nineteen-inch rack and is four units (4U) in height. Rear support is not required. Inputs and outputs are all balanced, either electronically or via optional transformers. The audio quality is, of course, to a fully professional standard and the unit interfaces easily with other equipment.


  • Eight Type Balanced (electronically)
  • Impedance (ohm)
  • Balanced 20k
  • Unbalanced 10k


  • Direct Eight
  • Matrix Eight
  • P.F.L One
  • Type Balanced (electronically)
  • Min. load impedance 600ohm
  • Source impedance <60ohm
  • Max. level +21dBm

TC Furlong offers Midas XL88 8×8 Matrix Mixer rentals alongside an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

Contact the TC Furlong Rental Team today to rent the Midas XL88 8×8 Matrix Mixer in Chicago, Suburban Chicago, or nationwide, at 847.367.9588 or rentals@tcfurlong.com.

Midas XL88 8×8 Matrix Mixer Rental Documentation:

Midas XL88 Rental Manual (PDF)