Crown MA-1200 Power Amplifier Rental

Crown MA-1200 imageWe offer Crown MA-1200 Power Amplifier rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The Crown MA-1200 Power Amplifier is just one of many power amplifiers in our rental inventory.

Crown Macro-Tech amplifiers are designed to provide enormous levels of pure, undistorted power in a rugged low-profile package—making them the choice for pro sound reinforcement. They utilize our patented ODEP protection circuitry to keep the show going long after other amplifiers have shut down. And with their PIP expandability, Macro-Tech amplifiers can be easily customized with one of our many optional input modules (see Section 8 of the owner’s manual for a list of available PIP cards).

  • The MA-1200 has 2 channels at 480 W each (at 4 ohms) or 310 W each (at 8 ohms)
  • Crown’s Grounded Bridge design delivers large voltage swings without using easily stressed output- transistor configurations like conventional amplifiers. The results are lower distortion and superior reliability.
  • Patented ODEP (Output Device Emulation Protection) circuitry compensates for overheating and overload to keep the amplifier working when others would fail.
  • IOC (Input/Output Comparator) circuitry immediately alerts of any distortion exceeding 0.05%, providing dynamic proof of distortion-free performance.
  • PIP (Programmable Input Processor) connector accepts accessories that tailor the amplifier to suit specific applications.
  • Two mono modes (Bridge-Mono and Parallel-Mono) for driving a wide range of load impedances.
  • Very low harmonic and intermodulation distortion result in the best dynamic transfer function in the industry.
  • High damping factor provides superior control over lowfrequency drivers for a clean, accurate low end.
  • Full protection against shorted outputs, mismatched loads, input/output DC, general overheating, high-frequency overloads and internal faults.
  • Dedicated power supply transformers isolate channels in Stereo mode for superb crosstalk characteristics and reliability—each channel is virtually a separate amplifier.
  • Balanced inputs with internal three-position sensitivity switch and adjustable front-panel level controls.
  • Versatile 5-way binding posts make it easy to connect output wiring.
  • Ground lift switch isolates the AC power and phone jack audio grounds.
  • Efficient heat sinks and a self-contained forced-air cooling system dissipate heat quickly and evenly for extra amplifier protection and greater power output.
  • Extra rugged, extruded aluminum front panel with ODEP and signal presence/IOC indicators for each channel, and an Enable indicator.

TC Furlong offers Crown MA-1200 Power Amplifier rentals alongside many other power amplifiers and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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Crown MA-1200 Power Amplifier Rental Documentation:

Crown MA-1200 MA-2400 Rental Manual (PDF)