Crown MA-5000VZ Power Amplifier Rental

Crown MA-5000VZ imageWe offer Crown MA-5000VZ Power Amplifier rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The Crown MA-5000VZ Power Amplifier is just one of many power amplifiers in our rental inventory.

The Macro-Tech 5000VZ is the most advanced amplifier to offer Crown’s patented Variable Impedance (VZ) power supply technology. New semiconductor technology is combined with superior VZ power supplies to enable the Macro-Tech 5000VZ to pack unprecedented power levels into 5¼ inches (13.3 cm) of vertical rack space. And because it is a Macro-Tech, you have the benefit of ODEP protection to keep the show going long after other amplifiers have failed—even under the most severe conditions. In addition, your amplifier provides enhanced PIP2 compatibility, which makes it easy to customize with a variety of popular input (P.I.P. cards) modules.

  • The MA-5000VZ has 2 channels each with 1565W (@ 4 ohms) or 1120 W (@ 8 ohms)
  • Patented Variable Impedance (VZ) power supplies for each channel provide the best power matching to your load. Three special modes are provided to control how and when the supplies shift impedance modes.
  • Crown’s Grounded Bridge design delivers extreme voltage swings without using easily stressed output transistor configurations like conventional amplifiers. The results are lower distortion and superior reliability.
  • Patented ODEP (Output Device Emulation Protection) circuitry detects and compensates for overheating and overload to keep the amplifier working when others would fail. In addition, ODEP can be used to control the VZ power supplies by shifting them into high-current mode based on the requirements of the immediate conditions.
  • IOC (Input/Output Comparator) circuitry immediately alerts you of any distortion that exceeds 0.05%, providing dynamic proof of distortion-free performance.
  • Enhanced PIP2 (Programmable Input Processor) design accepts accessory modules that tailor the amplifier to suit individual applications, including wide-band load current monitoring.
  • Convenient front panel indicators include an Enable indicator for the low-voltage power supply, and an ODEP, Signal Presence/IOC and ILoad/ILimit indicator for each channel.
  • Full protection against overvoltage, shorted outputs, mismatched loads, general overheating, DC and high-frequency/RF overloads. Full internal fault protection.
  • “Standby” mode protects loudspeakers from low frequency/ DC output, turn-on/turn-off transients and other transients that can occur during an AC brownout. Standby mode also provides overvoltage protection from AC mains of more than 11% over the rated voltage.
  • Innovative Loudspeaker Offset Integration (LOI) circuitry prevents asymmetrical audio waveforms from causing off-center woofer cone movement.

TC Furlong offers Crown MA-5000VZ Power Amplifier rentals alongside many other power amplifiers and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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Crown MA-5000VZ Power Amplifier Rental Documentation:

Crown MA-5000VZ Rental Spec Sheet (PDF)