Klark Teknik DN410 Dual Channel Parametric EQ Rental

Klark Teknik DN410 imageWe offer Klark Teknik DN410 Dual Channel Parametric EQ rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The Klark Teknik DN410 Dual Channel Parametric EQ is just one of several other brands of signal processors in our rental inventory.

Analogue EQ has always been the cornerstone of the KLARK TEKNIK range, and the DN410 is widely regarded as among the very best analogue parametric equalisers money can buy. Built to the usual uncompromising KLARK TEKNIK standards, the DN410 is a dual channel, two rackspace device.

It features five filters per channel, and unlike many aparantly similar units, all bands are fully configurable between 20Hz and 20kHz. Each filter offers cut and boost of –25dB and +15dB respectively, with available bandwidth settings of 1/12th to 2 octaves.

Further, the DN410 may be configured (via a front panel switch) to be a single channel of ten filters if required. It is fitted with high and low pass filters for each channel, and signal relays which ensure that audio signal reaches the outputs even in the event of power loss. All filters are individually switched in and out of circuit, plus an overall channel bypass switch is fitted.

DN410s are found in many applications, but most commonly in theatre or AV situations where omnidirectional lavalier or lectern microphones are used.

  • Two channels of five bands of full parametric equalisation with separate variable high and low pass filters in each channel
  • Switchable dual/mono operation, automatically by-passing unwanted controls in the single channel 10 band mode
  • 100% frequency overlap and a wide range of filter bandwidths for maximum flexibility
  • Individual Eq. In/Out switch with LED “Filter On” status indication for each parametric filter section and overall Eq. In/Out switch
  • Outstanding noise and distortion performance
  • Automatic fail-safe by-pass facility
  • Comprehensive standard specifications include electronically balanced inputs and LED overload indicator
  • Earth lift switch enables signal and chassis grounds to be isolated, eliminating ground-loop problems

TC Furlong offers Klark Teknik DN410 Dual Channel Parametric EQ rentals alongside several other brands of signal processors and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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Klark Teknik DN410 Dual Channel Parametric EQ Rental Documentation:

Klark Teknik DN410 Rental Manual (PDF)