Klark Teknik DN504 Quad Channel Compressor Rental

Klark Teknik DN504 imageWe offer Klark Teknik DN504 Quad Channel Compressor rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

If you have any questions about a Klark Teknik DN504 Quad Channel Compressor rental in Chicago, suburban Chicago, or nationwide, or to reserve your rental, contact our Rental Team at 847.367.9588 or rentals@tcfurlong.com.

The Klark Teknik DN504 Quad Channel Compressor is just one of several other brands of signal processors in our rental inventory.

The DN500 Plus series utilises a ‘THAT’s’ chip which features lower distortion, improved dynamic range and faster slew rate.

The Klark Teknik DN504 Plus Quad Compressor has enjoyed hugely increased popularity in recent years, due to the ever expanding use of in-ear monitor systems. This is because the unit can be configured into two stereo pairs, has all the superlative audio performance of the DN500 Plus, and fits two sets of stereo compression into just one rack space. This configuration also makes it extremely cost effective.

  • Four channels of full function “quick to set” compression in only one unit of rack space.
  • Switchable knee function provides for both hard and soft compression styles
  • Auto attack/release mode for inaudible compression and easy set-up
  • Manual attack/release mode for creating compression effects
  • Advanced VCA design for extremely low noise and distortion
  • Separate side chain inputs are provided for each channel
  • Gain reduction and output level metering is provided for each channel
  • Additional features include stereo link function which provides two pairs of stereo channels
  • XLR connectors fitted as standard for main audio terminations, with transformer balancing available as an option

TC Furlong offers Klark Teknik DN504 Quad Channel Compressor rentals alongside several other brands of signal processors and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

Contact the TC Furlong Rental Team today to rent the Klark Teknik DN504 Quad Channel Compressor in Chicago, Suburban Chicago, or nationwide, at 847.367.9588 or rentals@tcfurlong.com.

Klark Teknik DN504 Quad Channel Compressor Rental Documentation:

Klark Teknik DN504 User Manual (PDF)