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Stop Stressing About SoundStop Stressing about Sound: Practical Advice About Church Sound Issues was written by Lightning Atkinson in collaboration with TC Furlong Inc.

Whether you are a pastor of a large church or a church planter just starting out, this friendly handbook will demystify sound system equipment and the sound ministry.

In section one, a host of experienced audio engineers and church leaders provide plain talk answers and insights on common church sound topics including how to control volume, how to prevent feedback, and how to build a sound ministry.

The second section, specifically written for portable churches, will help you understand the needs of a church on the move as it grows. Whether your church is 50 years old or about to be born, this book will help you stop stressing about sound.

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Sound Systems: Design and Optimization by Bob McCarthy

With this definitive guide to sound reinforcement design and optimization, Bob McCarthy shares his expert knowledge and effective methodology developed from decades of field and teaching experience. This book is written for the field professional as well as the consultant or student, in a clear and easy-to-read style and illustrated with color diagrams and screenshots throughout. McCarthy’s unique guide reveals the proven techniques to ensure that your sound system design can be optimized for maximum uniformity over the space.

The book follows the audio signal path from the mix console to the audience and provides comprehensive information as to how the sound is spread over the listening area. The complex nature of the physics of speaker interaction over a listening space is revealed in terms readily understandable to audio professionals. Complex speaker arrays are broken down systematically and the means to design systems that are capable of being fully optimized for maximum spatial uniformity is shown.

The methods of alignment are shown, including measurement mic placement, and step-by-step recipes for equalization, delay setting, level setting, speaker positioning and acoustic treatment. These principles and techniques are applicable to the simplest and most complex systems alike, from the single speaker to the multi-element line array.

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