Agilexity Audiophile DCA Antenna Cable

DSC_3754_1220TC Furlong, Inc. is excited to announce the Agilexity series of audiophile-grade, DCA (Direct Conversion Architecture) antenna cable for both live and studio applications.

Featuring  99.999% oxygen-free solid center conductors, rare earth dielectrics, superheterodynastic hand-woven multilayered shield, continuous third order Intercept Points (IP3) embedded in durable outer jacket made of our proprietary blend of space-age polymers and sustainably-grown gutta-percha rubbers that virtually eliminates motion response degradation.

Agilexity cable lengths include 3.27 meters, 5.83 meters, and a 0.37 meter (patch version for inside racks). These specific lengths are carefully chosen and are laser-aligned during assembly to eliminate any cable latency

Available with our own custom-designed and manufactured adapters for a complete “end to end” listening experience without equal.

Each cable and adapter is analyzed using embedded Hybrid Differential Pulse Code Modulation and certified to be self-truncating and eutectic bonded.

Agilexity antenna infrastructure is just the first of a constellation of developments in TC Furlong’s ground-breaking Agilatech line (see below).



Agilatech Development: Behind the Scenes

Agilexity antenna infrastructure is just the first of a constellation of developments in TC Furlong’s ground-breaking Agilatech line.

The Agilatech team envisioned a previously unexplored frontier—a “no man’s land” between fluid dynamics, textile science, and traditional audio-centric physics that neither Harvey Fletcher nor Wilden Muson could ever have anticipated.

For generations, audio engineers have manipulated the traditional levers of sound—amplitude, time, and frequency. It wasn’t that long ago that phase was considered heretical. In the late eighties, the notions of girth and contour entered the audio vernacular.

The next wave in sound engineering is audio agility. Agility is sensed at the granular level with psychoacoustic anti-aliasing filter sets that are positively biased to generate controllable dampening factor outcomes along theoretically limitless turbulence vectors. The partially quantized DFT (Discrete-Fourier transform) developed by the Agilatech team will revolutionize 21st century transducer and transmission technology.

Our team started with a very simple premise—develop a self-parsing 3rd order gravity dampener—something discrete, cross-platform, frictionless, and scalable to any audio platform. “We suspected our sweet spot would be a robust charge-array sensor that would seamlessly interpolate hybrid Fletcher-Muson attributes in real time”.

“We initially felt it was high wire work, but in the end it was back to basics when we finally saw the efficacy of our continuously variable slew-rate aggregator and its effect on multiphasic, non-linear MBLAS channels.”

Once operational, the engineers were able to concisely decouple Markov chains that were simultaneously controlled, spontaneous, and stochastic. “It was a eureka moment when we determined we could titrate any Markov offset with a garden variety analog envelope generator.”

Agilatech is on the forefront of elegant solutions based on Ockham’s Razor—principals related to parsimony, economy, simplicity, synoptisicm, pragmatism, compactness, transparency, and succinctness.

Agilatech from TC Furlong. Inc—cutting edge, state of the art, vanguard, frontline advances in the production, presentation, performance, entertainment, communication, and transmission technology spaces.

Posted April 1, 2014.