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It is important to know how the law affects you, and the Live Sound industry is no exception. Most venues are required by the ADA to have some sort of assistive listening capability or system available for those who live with a hearing disability. Depending on the size of the environment, the number of available seats, and several other factors, the configuration of the system can vary. Here are a few important things to keep in mind when thinking about your space and how to achieve ADA compliance:

What is the ADA?

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a law that prohibits the discrimination against Americans affected by disabilities. Part of this legislation includes provisions to accommodate those with hearing deficits.

 When do you need to include Assistive Listening?

You need an assistive listening system in any assembly area where being able to hear is an integral part of why it exists. An assembly area is defined as “a building or facility, or a portion therof that is used for the purpose of entertainment, education, civic gatherings, or similar purposes.” This means that most concert halls, performing arts centers, churches, and other spaces require assistive listening systems. It is also required if there is any kind of amplified sound. However, even some environments that do not have amplified sound may require assistive listening, such as courtrooms. If you are unsure if your space needs an assistive listening system, you can contact us and we can help you determine your needs.

Why should I comply with the ADA?

It is important to make sure that everyone who visits your space is able to participate with what’s going on. Doing so can be beneficial from ethical, legal, and business standpoints.

A large number of individuals in the US are affected by a hearing disability. By providing the ability for them to hear in these environments, you are allowing them to enter into an experience that otherwise might be closed to them. Providing an environment that is welcoming to all kinds of people can improve their experience and make more people feel welcome in your space. The sheer numbers of people affected by hearing loss means that there will usually be an opportunity to provide someone with a better experience via assistive listening.

There are also tax incentives available for businesses complying with the ADA in this way. You can read more here:

What do I need to provide in order to be compliant with the ADA?

What an ADA compliant assistive listening system is changes from venue to venue. A few factors affect how many and what kinds of listening devices you need, as well as signage and other compliance requirements.

The assistive listening system is required to cover the entire assembly area or areas. The number of assembly areas and total capacity of those areas change the number of devices. It is also important to plan where the devices are distributed and if they would be compatible across all areas. A certain number of those devices will also have to be compatible with t-coil hearing aids.

There are calculators online that can help you calculate the number of devices. You can find a few of them here and here.

It is also important to be sure to post the required signage to indicate that you have ADA compliant devices available.

If you are not sure about what you need, you can always contact us and we can help you determine the best way to comply with the ADA.

What are my options for assistive listening devices?

There is a wide variety of manufacturers, technologies, and configurations for assistive listning, and there are many ways to approach implementing a new assistive listening system into your space. TC Furlong Inc. believes that all audio systems, including assistive listening systems, are better when designed specific to each space. If you would like help determining your best options and designing your assistive listening system, feel free to contact our sales team at 847-367-9588 or

Better Audio By Design should be Better Audio For All.


Disclaimer: This blog post is intended to supply general information on the ADA and assistive listening systems. It should not be a substitute for legal advice or opinions from your own attorney.


by Brian Grahn, Sales/Marketing

TC Furlong has just added a Clear-Com Freespeak II wireless intercom system to its extensive rental inventory of intercom products.  Freespeak II is Clear-Com’s high performance wireless solution for large-scale communications applications.  Operating in the 1.9GHz frequency band, Freespeak II is the next generation in distributed wireless intercom.

The FreeSpeak II system comprises of the base station, beltpacks, transceiver antennas and splitter, and can be implemented as a standalone base station system or as an integrated wireless solution within a larger intercom system. Flexible cellular roaming technologies allow users to move freely between antennas without the worry of phasing or dropouts. The system provides point-to-point and group communication capabilities, in addition to the four channels of base station connectivity.

The FS-II-BASE-II is both a four channel intercom interface and wireless transceiver that can operate a mix of up to 25 1.9GHz and/or 2.4 GHz beltpacks on a single system.  The base station can be used in Main Station mode with Talk and Call soft keys or as a Headset Station for communication and monitoring from the panel.The base station’s digital displays allow easy system configuration directly from the base station or through the browser-based Core Configuration Manager tool. 

The FreeSpeak II digital beltpacks feature five-channel, full-duplex communication and were designed for the demands of large-scale operations.  The beltpacks are a similar form factor to the wired RS703 models and feature a rugged housing with four push-to-talk, one reply key and two rotary encoders that allow up to five communications routes to be assigned.  These can be any desired combination of channel, group and point-to-point communication assignments.  Large OLED display provides extensive information, including the names of beltpacks, assigned users and groups of each beltpack, battery level, and signal strength.

Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II is an extremely flexible wireless intercom solution that can easily augment the functionality of any intercom system.  With a simple interface and easy connectivity, the FreeSpeak II wireless system will make any wireless communication a breeze.

For more information about adding our new Clear-Com FreeSpeak II system or any of our other wireless intercom products to your next rental, please contact our Rental Team at 847-367-9588 or

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TC Furlong Inc. has been providing the Chicagoland area with quality live sound for over 40 years, but do you know the full extent of the services we provide?  Here are some facts that you might not know about us…



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Introduction By TC Furlong: 
When  Chris Gille called about Eastside Christian Church in Anaheim, CA opening a satellite location in LaHabra, CA, I was eager to get down to designing a system. But then Chris told me that it would be in a gymnasium, it would need to be portable, and it needed to get loud. Always up for a challenge, I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. Around that time, I connected with Daniel Rivera of Meyer Sound about his idea to have an affordable, “first step” configuration of Meyer Sound’s newest star loudspeaker LEOPARD. Daniel’s vision was to configure two ground stacks, each containing three LEOPARD over one 900LFC (my favorite subwoofer in the world).
We had recently purchased a large LEOPARD system for our rental inventory so I was already familiar with this great and powerful speaker. We had also added six 900LFC so I knew these would be a great choice.   The next hurdle was to figure out how to keep the system portable and in a “pre-wired” state. Chris Gille, master of everything production related said he would have metal carts fabricated – we went back and forth on the minimum height and before I could say “custom carts” Gille had them ready. 
When I arrived in LaHabra to calibrate the system with our SIM3 system, it all came together really well. The system was uber-linear, powerful and punchy. It was all smiles when we finished and from what I understand, they continue to remain very pleased with the system. The fact that both Meyer Sound LEOPARD and 900LFC remain linear from soft to loud was just the ticket for this critical application.  
-TC Furlong


This artical was originally posted by Meyer Sound

A new satellite site for Southern California’s Eastside Christian Church is the first to benefit from the power, clarity and quick set-up offered by an innovative portable system of Meyer Sound LEOPARD™ line array loudspeakers. Installed on carts that are rolled into place weekly by volunteers, the self-contained arrays deliver ample power to supply sound for up to 800 worshippers gathered in the gymnasium of Whittier Christian High School, located about nine miles from the church’s Anaheim main campus.

For Chris Gille, Eastside’s CTO and chief systems engineer, the ready-made LEOPARD arrays turned out to be the ideal solution to a vexing problem common to nearly all portable churches borrowing gymnasiums for worship.

“We have extremely high standards for audio quality at our main campus, where we have Meyer Sound MICA arrays and Constellation active acoustics,” he says. “I knew the smaller LEOPARD would be a good fit here, but the question was, ‘Where do we put them?’ Flying was problematic because we didn’t want to be locked into fixed seating layouts. Also, there are strict regulations about clearance for sports activities and safety, which meant motorizing the hangs. All of that would be cost prohibitive.”

The eventual design solution was a collaborative effort, with a ready-made solution mounted on carts proposed by Meyer Sound House of Worship Specialist Daniel Rivera and further developed by Gille and T.C. Furlong of the eventual system supplier, Lake Forest, Illinois-based TC Furlong, Inc.

“It works extremely well,” says Gille. “It sends out a narrow lobe that skims peoples’ heads, and it’s a perfect match for the room’s acoustic treatments. We have more than enough headroom to let the worship band go anywhere they want musically, even if we pull out the bleachers and fill the room to its maximum of 800 people.”

The complete system comprises six LEOPARD line array loudspeakers and two 900-LFC low-frequency control units split across the two carts. Space at the bottom on one side accommodates an MDM-832 distribution module and Galileo® 616 loudspeaker processing system while the opposite cart holds the color-coded audio cables and AC mains cable during storage. “We can have the LEOPARD rig rolled out and ready in under 15 minutes, and all the audio ready inside an hour,” says Gille. “Including stage and seating, the total prep time is about three hours.”

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Gille specified some added acoustic treatments to complement the system coverage pattern. A line of 2-inch absorptive panels was placed on the back wall to dampen slap-back, and the two thick panels that protect the 20’ wide Roe LED screen, when pulled aside for Sunday worship, function as effective traps for low-mid energy.

“Overall I’m very impressed with what I’m hearing,” concludes Gille. “It’s a fun feeling to have all that power and still hear detail in a gymnasium environment. Detail, in a gym? How can you do that?! I chalk it up to putting really good gear with precise pattern control and a linear response, and that’s what we get with this LEOPARD rig. Beyond that, you can’t go wrong investing in Meyer, as flexible components like these can be redeployed in new solutions as needs change.”

Front end gear contributing to the audio quality includes a Yamaha CL-5 digital mixer, DPA headset microphones, Shure wireless systems, and a complement of wired microphones from Audix and Shure.

Eastside Christian’s new main campus, opened in late 2012, is housed inside a completely reconstructed former Boeing Defense Systems plant. It features one of the newest worship auditoriums to offer variable acoustic characteristics using Meyer Sound’s Constellation acoustic system.

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by Brian Grahn, Sales/Marketing

Axient Update

TC Furlong has recently added additional channels of Shure’s Axient wireless microphone systems to our extensive rental inventory.

Shure’s Axient Wireless Management Network offers an unparalleled level of control and reliability for mission-critical wireless audio applications and the system features fully-networkable control of RF transmission, reception and spectrum management. 

Axient’s main feature is an interference detection system that prompts receivers to move to a clear, compatible frequency in a fraction of a second when interference occurs.  Another essential component of the Axient system is the Spectrum Manager, which is designed to continuously monitor, evaluate, prioritize, queue and assign compatible UHF frequencies.  Axient’s fully networkable controls are integrated into Shure’s Wireless Workbench 6, which provide an enhanced graphic user interface to monitor and manage the system.

Axient transmitters feature true frequency diversity, enabling simultaneous transmission on two independent frequencies to ensure seamless, uninterrupted audio for mission-critical transmitters in extreme RF settings.  Additionally, the Axient ShowLink Access Point facilitates comprehensive remote control of all transmitter parameters, a feature that has never been seen before in the world of wireless microphone systems.

Our Axient wireless package is the go-to, comprehensive solution for high-quality wireless microphone applications where failure is not an option.  Visit our Axient Wireless Microphone Rental page for more information about package details.

In addition to having well-maintained RF systems at every level and price point, we stock a vast array of capsules, mic elements, specialty antennas, antenna distribution, RF filters, low-loss cable, RF spectrum analyzers, and other RF components.  More important than our gear is our team’s wealth of RF expertise and experience, and every wireless system rental comes with our Wireless Advantage.

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TC Furlong also sells Shure Axient Systems.  For questions about purchasing a Shure wireless systems, or anything from our list of over 100 professional audio manufacturers, contact our Sales Team at 847.367.9588 or