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TC Furlong Inc. has been a longtime authorized sales dealer for d&B audiotechnik, and we recently added d&b speakers to our already extensive loudspeaker rental lineup. d&b is a premium brand known for their conventionally powered loudspeakers, consistent, great sound, and reliable products. With this addition, we are taking our first steps in furnishing a larger inventory of d&b loudspeakers and expanding our capabilities for rentals and shows.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the speaker series’ we added:

Y10P – Y series

The Y10P is a compact, 2-way passive point source loudspeaker that features two 8” drivers in a dipole arrangement with a 1.4” compression driver mounted onto a rotatable CD horn. The horn geometry combined with the bass-reflex port design delivers full bandwidth capabilities with an extended LF output. These point source, high performance cabinets offer 110° of horizontal directivity controlled down to 500 Hz, matched with vertical dispersion of 40°. The horn can be rotated by 90° to enable horizontal orientation. The Y10P provides a broad variety of deployment possibilities, especially when used as a stand-alone full range system, or combined with other elements from the Y-Series, either ground stacked or flown.

E6 & E8 – E series

The E6 loudspeaker is a relatively small high performance multipurpose loudspeaker, employing an integrated coaxial driver. The horn with its 100° x 55° dispersion pattern can easily be rotated through 90° providing a 55° x 100° pattern without the use of tools, allowing it to be used in a large variety of situations.

The E8 loudspeaker is a high performance 2-way multipurpose loudspeaker, employing an integrated coaxial driver. The E8 can be used for speech and music applications as a stand-alone full range system, or incorporated into larger distributed sound reinforcement situations. The 90° x 50° dispersion pattern of the horn is easily rotatable through 90° to provide a 50° x 90° dispersion pattern.

Both the E6 and E8 are available with a variety of mounting options.

B22-SUB – Subwoofer

The B22-SUB is a ground stack sub that houses two long excursion 18” drivers built into a bandpass horn cabinet design. With high Sound Pressure Levels and an extended frequency response, the B22-SUB is ideal for any large format sound reinforcement application.

If you are interested in adding d&b audiotechnik loudspeakers to your next rental or show, contact our rental team at 847-367-9588 or at

TC Furlong also sells d&b audiotechnik products, along with other major audio brands. For questions about purchasing any d&b audiotechnik loudspeakers or anything else from our list of over 100 professional audio manufacturers, contact our sales team at 847-367-9588 or at

Last month, Yamaha announced the discontinuation of the PM5D and the LS9, two consoles that had become rider-friendly digital consoles in their respective markets.  Although the consoles will be missed, the current line of CL, QL and TF series digital mixers provide a wide range of flexibility for a variety of applications, and Yamaha is currently running two stellar promotions to incentivize making the digital console leap.

1. Free RIO with purchase of CL or QL series console

Details: purchase of any CL and QL series digital console from TC Furlong Inc. will include an R-series input/output stage box at no additional charge. This promotion is valid now through the end of October 31, 2017.  Other restrictions apply.

– Purchase CL5 or CL3 and receive a free Rio3224-D
– Purchase CL1 or QL5 and receive a free Rio1608-D
– Purchase QL1 and receive either a free Ri8-D or Ro8-D

2. Free Dante Interface Card or Tablet with purchase of any TF series console

Details: users who purchase any Yamaha TF series consoles between June 1 and August 31, 2017 will be given the option of receiving either a NY64-D Dante interface card or an Apple iPad 128GB at no-charge.  Redemption for the promotion is done through the Yamaha Promotions website.

The PM5D and LS9 will be missed, but we are excited for what the future holds for Yamaha’s digital consoles.  In the meantime, take advantage of the current Yamaha promotions while they last!  Call the sales team at 847.367.9588, and let us help design your next Yamaha digital console system.

For more information on purchasing a Yamaha digital console, or anything from our list of over 100 professional audio manufacturers, contact our Sales Team at 847.367.9588 or

By Oz, Sales/Marketing

In order to remain flexible and more able to meet the needs of our customers, TC Furlong Inc. has expanded our fiber optic transport resources. Over the past few years, we have added fiber compatible switches, adapters, and cables that run single-mode fiber with ST connections with our fiber snakes of up to 1000 feet. We are also continuing to expand these capabilities to make fiber a more ready option for sending network signals like Dante over extremely long distances. We currently use our fiber capabilities on live events, and have found it incredibly reliable and useful.

Our choice to use single-mode fiber allows us to take advantage of the incredible distance it affords. Single-mode fiber can transmit a network signal upwards of 2 km. While we usually do not have to go that far, we like the flexibility fiber can achieve. Single-mode also allows us to expand our inventory by cross renting additional fiber from local video and audio companies.

The fiber networks are compatible with all TCP/IP protocols, so they are usable with Dante networks, as well as having many other uses. We discovered that these networks also supported intercom over Dante. Most of the time, wired intercom systems work via standard XLR cables. In order to take advantage of the fiber optic Dante network, we incorporated the Studio Technologies Model 45 DC Dual Party-Line Intercom Interface, which allows us to send intercom signals over the fiber-optic network. Having fiber also allows us to expand our capabilities with video, a world that we have just begun entering.

With the increasing demand for networked audio, the capabilities of a fiber-optic network expand our ability to meet that demand and remain flexible and accommodating. If you need to send your audio or video over a long distance, or have any other questions about our fiber-optic capabilities, contact our rental team at 847-367-9588 or

by Brian Grahn, Sales/Marketing

TC Furlong Inc. has recently added Neutrik’s Xirium Pro wireless point-to-point system to its extensive rental inventory of wireless devices.  Xirium Pro allows users to eliminate long cable runs with a rugged and easily configured wireless link.

Xirium Pro consists of a network of devices linked together, including a transmitter, receivers, specialty antennas, optional repeaters, and management software.  Operating in the 5.0 GHz band, the TX base unit transmits 2 channels of compression-free, 24-bit / 48 kHz digital audio, and a single transmitter can be linked to several receivers to wirelessly distribute audio over a large area.

Repeaters can be added to the system to extend range, or overcome walls, corners and other obstacles.  Repeaters also add a second, redundant audio source to the system, creating a true diversity system for even more reliable reception. For more difficult RF environments, the XROC (Extreme Ruggedized One Channel) feature helps eliminate any opportunity for interference to affect the audio signal.

Xirium device housings are IP54 rated and include an internal Li-Ion battery pack that provides approximately 10 hours of battery life. TX and RX bases employ modular cards that feature flexible I/O options, including analog line, AES/EBU and Dante.  All devices in a system can be consolidated using the built-in 2.4 GHz antennas and a wireless access point.  Once synced to the network, control of all device parameters can be accessed through the free Xirium Pro app.

Neutrik’s Xirium Pro wireless point-to-point system is a great alternative to long cable runs to delay towers and other hard to reach locations.  For more information on the system, visit the Xirium Pro website.

For more information about adding our new Xirium Pro system or any of our other wireless products to your next rental, please contact our Rental Team at 847-367-9588 or

 TC Furlong also sells Neutrik Xirium products along with other major audio brands.  For questions about purchasing a Xirium Pro system or anything from our list of over 100 professional audio manufacturers, contact our Sales Team at 847-367-9588 or

By Oz: Sales & Marketing

Most of our clients know TC Furlong Inc. as an authorized dealer for new gear—and—as an audio equipment rental house. There is another part of the business where sales and rentals converge: closeout sales in our eBay store. 

We typically have several dozen quality professional audio items in our eBay store at any given time. Everything is value priced and comes from a wide variety of sources, including gear retired from our well-maintained rental inventory, B and C stock items from manufacturers, trade-ins, consignments, and the occasional odd mystery item. 

Most items include free shipping and everything comes with a no-risk money-back guarantee. Here is a sampling of items currently for sale in our eBay store: 

  • Shure PSM900 (K1) System
  • DPA 4066 Classic headset microphone in beige
  • ProCo DB-1 Direct Box
  • Macpherson M12BP and M10P passive floor monitors
  • Midas Venice 320 Analog Mixing Console (needs some work)

If you are looking for good value on gently used or overstock items, check out our eBay store! 

Wide selection, competitive pricing, free shipping, and money back guarantee are all good reasons to shop at TC Furlong’s eBay store. We add new items every week, so check back often!