Specialty Services

Sound System Design—Design is key!  Over the past 35+ years, we have provided sound system design services for performance spaces, houses of worship, corporate theaters, broadcast originations, portable sound systems, theatrical sound designs, and many other situations.

Sound System Alignment—Using the latest tools and technology, including Meyer Sound SIM3 and SMAART, we provide a precision system alignment, ensuring your system is performing at its absolute best.

On-site RF Scanning—With today’s shrinking wireless spectrum, successful use of production wireless is increasingly difficult.  We can conduct a comprehensive RF scan and provide a report detailing RF activity present in your venue, as well as suggested frequencies to optimize use of your wireless equipment.

RF Coordination—Using sophisticated coordination software, we can provide you with a frequency coordination that takes into account known local broadcasters and the equipment transmitting in your venue to deliver a rock-solid coordination, free of interference.

Tour Services—We can provide RF Coordination services for every stop on your tour, taking into account all known wireless and local broadcasters.

Repairs—We are an authorized repair center for many of the brands we use and sell.  We can also act as an advocate in any warranty claims you may have.