Aviom Introduces Dante-enabled A-Net Distro

D800-DThe all-new Aviom D800 family of A-Net distributors provides support for connections of up to eight Pro16 devices, including the A360, A-16II, and A-16R Personal Mixers, along with additional network connectivity options.

There is a standard D800 which includes a Pro16e™ A-Net input, compatible with all Pro16 Series and Pro16e-capable devices. Used in conjunction with the SB4 System Bridge and Pro16 A-Net console cards, the D800 can be used for sending up to 64 channels directly from a digital console to Aviom’s A360 Personal Mixers.

The D800-Dante A-Net Distributor adds connectivity for a Dante™ digital audio network, allowing up to 64 channels to be sent directly from a Dante audio network to A360 Personal Mixers. The D800-Dante may be set to use either its Dante interface or its A-Net In as the source of audio for the Personal Mixers. The D800-Dante is ideal for connecting Aviom Personal Mixers to a Yamaha CL Series console with Rio I/O racks or via YG cards.

The D800’s also include a rear-panel Ethernet port, which can be connected to a standard Wi-Fi router. By connecting an iOS device—Apple iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to the Wi-Fi network, musicians can extend the user interface of their A360 mixer onto their i-device’s touchscreen.

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