How Loud Is It? Managing SPL Levels With Accuracy & Precision

By Oz: Sales & Marketing

How loud is it? In many cases, this is a difficult question to answer because variables will affect the perceived loudness of any given space and performance. The perception of loudness is very subjective. Sometimes, it is critical to get accurate and repeatable measurements in order to maintain consistency and safety.

TREND SPL Reporting Systems Software is objective and easy to use. The system eliminates the difficult task of guessing at sound pressure levels by providing a simple, real-time, and intuitive readout of SPL. It also has a logging system, which allows for consistent levels and documentation over long periods.

The TREND software is built specifically to give users tools needed to accurately manage the loudness of their venues while eliminating the guesswork of measuring with just ears. The features of TREND provide a flexible and adaptable system that can be used out of the box or custom tailored to any environment. The two major versions, “TREND” standard and “TRENDpro”, let users choose the system that best fits their needs.

Here are some of the features offered by the two different versions:


  • Uses Galaxy CM-170 as primary input
  • Displays real-time SPL readings on a visual loudness meter
  • Uses real-time Time Weighted Average
  • Can be set to either OSHA standards or custom settings for maximum threshold
  • All settings can be saved and recalled
  • Sends on-screen and email notifications when a specified threshold has been exceeded
  • Logs all information including custom events, triggers, interval changes, and summaries
  • Can be synced with iCal for automatic launching, restarting, and capturing
  • External beacons or “traffic light” indicators can be interfaced via USB
  • Ideal for small venues where accurate and consistent SPL measurements are important


  • Includes all of the features of TREND
  • Expands the display to include the “Exposure Targeting” engine which allows you to see and monitor how long a target level can be reached without causing damage
  • Includes visual counters for each violation or alert
  • Can use the Galaxy CM-170 or interface with Studio Technologies SPLnet hardware
  • Can be custom configured to include multiple inputs and features with TRENDmanager and TRENDfreq add-ons.
  • Ideal for large venues with expanding or custom needs for SPL measurement

With all of the factors that contribute to measuring SPL, TREND makes it all incredibly simple and straightforward. Whether you are monitoring services to maintain consistent levels or making sure concert attendees are safe, TREND is a great solution.

If you have questions about TREND or would like to get information on ordering, contact Oz or Brian in our sales department at or at 847-367-9588.