New in Rentals: RCA 4-Channel UHF Walkie-Talkie 6-Pack

6-Radio-KitNew in rental—a six-pack of RCA BR250 4-channel UHF walkie-talkies with remote speaker-mics, belt clips, spare batteries, and 6-unit charger; all stored in a “grab and go” pelican case with foam dividers.

These radios are fully compatible with our existing 2-unit kits of Motorola CT250 and CP200 radios.

Features include:

  • Durable design, meeting military specs for shock, dust, moisture, and more
  • 800mW loudspeaker
  • X-Sound™ technology for clear, low noise communication
  • Cross-compatibility

Optional speakers or mics including over the head style and “surveillance”, or in-ear style are available.

These radio kits are only a small part of our vast inventory of loudspeakers, consoles, wireless systems and everything that comprises a live sound system.

We also stock a wide selection of support items, including walkie-talkies, generators, canopies, folding tables, work lights, and more.

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