Audio Control SA-3050A Spectrum Analyzer Rental

Audio Control SA-3050A imageWe offer Audio Control SA-3050A Spectrum Analyzer rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The Audio Control SA-3050A Spectrum Analyzer is just one of many pieces of audio testing equipment in our rental inventory.

The SA-3050 is a microprocessor-controlled, one-third octave, real time spectrum analyzer. It is affordable, rugged, reliable, easy to use, fast to setup, and designed and manufactured by audio enthusiasts who have been building spectrum analyzers for twenty years. This is a true professional instrument at a very favorable price which has made this family of analyzers the world’s most popular.

The SA-3050 comes with a complete range of features including pink noise generator, calibrated microphone, memories, SPL functions, ability to average memories, peak hold utilities, comprehensive manual, and large, easy to read display.

Results are easy and quick to achieve since the SA-3050 is completely self-contained, stand alone devices which do not need a computer to operate. The time from turn on to making measurements is less than three seconds. There is no training necessary. With their all-metal construction and very rugged design, these are honest products that will last, and be accurate, for many years to come.

  • 30 one-third octave bandwidth filters
  • fourth order filters conforming to ANSI standards
  • internal powered pink noise source to drive any load
  • 9 X 30 LED large format display with 1 dB resolution
  • six internal memories with lithium battery backup
  • averaging for six stored response curves
  • four display speeds; fast, medium, slow, 20 second average
  • peak hold on frequency response and SPL
  • SPL bargraph and full screen digital readout
  • 92 dB display range
  • signal input from balanced microphone input, balanced phone jack or unbalanced RCA connector
  • battery operation
  • parallel printer interface

TC Furlong offers Audio Control SA-3050A Spectrum Analyzer rentals alongside  many other pieces of audio testing equipment and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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Audio Control SA-3050A Spectrum Analyzer Rental Documentation:

Audio Control SA3050A Rental Manual (PDF)