Galaxy Audio CM100 SPL Meter Rental

galaxy-cm100 imageWe offer Galaxy Audio CM100 SPL Meter rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

If you have any questions about a Galaxy Audio CM100 SPL Meter rental in Chicago, suburban Chicago, or nationwide, or to reserve your rental, contact our Rental Team at 847.367.9588 or

The Galaxy Audio CM100 SPL Meter is just one of many pieces of audio testing equipment in our rental inventory.

Today, there is a need to know just how loud your surroundings really are. The CHECK MATES are inexpensive tools everybody should own.  Windscreen and battery are included with each of the CHECK MATE models.

The CHECK MATE series SPL (Sound Pressure Level) meters, first introduced in early 2003, allow musicians, sound contractors, and others to measure SPL in decibels (dB). A decibel is defined as the unit for measuring relative loudness of a sound. We have expanded our line from one CHECK MATE SPL Meter to four products in the category. We have sold thousands of units to working musicians, DJs, police departments, sound contractors, racetracks, etc…

TC Furlong offers Galaxy Audio CM100 SPL Meter rentals alongside  many other pieces of audio testing equipment and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

Contact the TC Furlong Rental Team today to rent the Galaxy Audio CM100 SPL Meter in Chicago, Suburban Chicago, or nationwide, at 847.367.9588 or