Shure FP12 Headphone Amplifier Rental

fp12We offer Shure FP12 Headphone Amplifier rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The Shure FP12 Headphone Amplifier is just one of several other brands of headphone accessories in our rental inventory.

The FP12 is an in-line, battery-powered amplifier designed to accept a microphone- or line-level signal, bridge it, and produce a signal sufficient to drive headphones at very loud levels. The FP12 is ideal for anyone in the broadcasting, sound reinforcement or audio recording fields who has a need for headphone monitoring or checking microphone- or line-level cable runs. In addition, the FP12 can be used to provide multiple headphone feeds, a two-station intercom, extra power for existing headphone circuits, or a means of practicing electronic instrument through headphones.

The FP12 Features:

  • Wide-range frequency response
  • Low input noise and harmonic distortion
  • High-impedance bridging input does not load signal source
  • Switchable microphone- and line-level inputs
  • Switchable low- and high-impedance headphone outputs
  • Parallel 3-circuit phone and miniature (3.5 mm) headphone jacks
  • Balanced loop-through locking XLR connectors and phone jacks
  • Powered by easily obtainable 9V alkaline battery
  • Low current drain for extended battery life
  • Rugged construction, with durable belt clip for field use
  • Low susceptibility to radio-frequency interference

TC Furlong offers Shure FP12 Headphone Amplifier rentals alongside several other headphone accessories and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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Shure FP12 Headphone Amplifier Rental Documentation:

Shure FP12 Headphone Amplifier Manual (PDF)