Galaxy PA5x140 Personal Monitor Loudspeaker Rental

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Never before has so much power been packed into a complete sound system that’s smaller than a shoe box and weighs only 13 pounds. The CORE PA5X140 produces a ground shaking 146 watts (at 4 ohms), enough to power its internal speaker and two Galaxy Audio HOT SPOT Personal Moitors. Its 114 dB maximum sound pressure level is louder than most systems many times its size. It features a ¼-inch input, an XLR input, a three band equalizer, and one of Galaxy’s legendary ferro fluid cooled five-inch drivers with a 40-ounce magnet structure. A frequency response of 200 Hz to 18 kHz and 98 dB (1 watt/1 meter) sensitivity ensure that the PA5X140 delivers incredible intelligibility and superior gain before feedback and can cut through the most extreme ambient noise levels. Its cabinet is constructed of black, fire-retardant styrene with a black cast aluminum faceplate/grille. An integral adaptor allows the PA5X140 to be mounted on a microphone stand. Positioned in close proximity to the performer, the PA5X140 is louder, more direct, and less likely to cause feedback than a conventional floor monitor. And as a one-piece PA sysytem nothing else its
size and weight can approach its power and volume.

  • Power Output: 100 watts @ 8 ohms (typically 146 watts @ 4 ohms).
  • Distortion: 8 ohm <0.05% THD 4 Ohm <0.1% THD
  • Minimum Recommended Load Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Frequency response: 200 Hz–20 kHz
  • Equalization: Three band center detent
  • Lo: ± 12 dB peak/dip at 300 Hz
  • Mid: ± 12 dB peak/dip at 2 kHz
  • Hi: ± 12 dB peak/dip at 10 kHz
  • Input connections (each with individual volume control):
  • One ¼-inch, balanced
  • One XLR, balanced, with +24 VDC phantom power
  • Output connections:
  • One ¼-inch speaker level for minimum 8 ohm load.
  • One (post-EQ, post-level) RCA line out

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Galaxy PA5x140 Rental Documentation:

Galaxy PA5X140 Rental Brochure (PDF)