MacPherson KS115 Subwoofer Rental

MacPherson KS115 imageWe offer MacPherson KS115 rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The MacPherson KS115 is just one of many loudspeakers in our rental inventory.

The MacPherson KS115 is a multi-purpose subwoofer that offers a unique blend of features and performance. Its ultra-compact design allows it to be used in a range of portable and installation applications. Sonically, its focus is providing a high level of bass articulation and musicality. This performance is maintained whether cabinets are used singly, or in horizontal or vertical arrays. Easy to handle, flexible to use, superb bass reproduction—that’s what the KS115 is all about.

An integral part of the KS115’s success is its use of a sophisticated 15-inch woofer. Literally every aspect of this 1000-watt woofer has been optimized for sonic quality, high SPL output, and long life. The KS115 does not require any special processing. Only the standard high-pass and low-pass functions provided by an electronic crossover are required for optimal reproduction.

The physical dimensions of the KS115 were carefully selected to provide maximum performance in a minimum of space. With an overall height of less than 18 inches, cabinets can easily be used under portable staging or integrated into architectural designs, trade show exhibits, and theatrical sets. Weighing less than 73 pounds, the cabinets are simple to transport and maneuver.

  • Recommended amplifier power- 800 to 1000 W (8 ohms)
  • Frequency response- 30 Hz to 120 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
  • Maximum SPL- 124 dB
  • Rich, tight low-frequency output
  • Minimal power compression
  • Compact, low-profile cabinet
  • 18″ X 22″ X 22″
  • 72.5 lbs.

TC Furlong offers MacPherson KS115 subwoofer rentals alongside many other loudspeakers and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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If you have any questions about a MacPherson KS115 subwoofer rental, contact our Rental Team at 847.367.9588 or

MacPherson KS115 Rental Documentation:

MacPherson KS115 Rental Spec Sheet (PDF)