Shure FP410 4 Channel Automatic Mixer Rental

Shure FP410 imageWe offer Shure FP410 4 Channel Automatic Mixer rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The Shure FP410 4 Channel Automatic Mixer is just one of many mixing consoles in our rental inventory.

The FP410 automatically attenuates (turns down) any microphone not being used, greatly reducing the excess reverberation and feedback problems associated with the use of conventional multiple microphone and mixer techniques. When a new talker starts to speak, the FP410 immediately selects and silently activates the most appropriate microphone. Shure IntelliMix electronic signal processing enables the FP410 to provide clear, natural voice pickup. The FP410 significantly reduces the problems of “boomy” or “muddy” sound, insufficient sound level (because of feedback or “howling”), and operator errors. In fact, operator errors are virtually eliminated because the FP410 needs no operator or technician for continual adjustment—once set up, it is completely self-sufficient.

The FP410 has numerous applications in video production and audio recording, broadcasting, and sound reinforcement. In any speech pickup application where multiple microphones are required, the FP410 dramatically improves audio quality. Switching from manual to automatic operation allows an individual talker’s voice to rise above the background noise and reverberation to become clearer and more intelligible.

Each FP410 handles up to four microphones or line–level signals. Any high quality, low–impedance, balanced microphone using a dynamic or condenser transducer (including wireless and shotgun types) can be used. Additional FP410 mixers can be  interconnected using the rear–panel link jacks. Complete manual operation is also available using a front–panel selector switch.

  • Reliable, quick–acting, noise-free microphone selection- automatically adjusts to changes in background room noise
  • Front-panel channel gain and master controls operate as in conventional mixers
  • Selectable hold time keeps microphones on during short pauses in speech

TC Furlong offers Shure FP410 4 Channel Automatic Mixer rentals alongside many other consoles and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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Shure FP410 4 Channel Automatic Mixer Rental Documentation:

Shure FP410 Rental Manual (PDF)