Our Priorities

At TC Furlong Inc. we believe that it is our first responsibility to hold good stewardship as an important element in our work.  It is for this reason that we have, over time, developed priorities that we keep at the forefront of our business activities.

Respect.  It is our highest priority that we treat all people including co-workers, customers and vendors with the highest level of respect.  We consider these partnerships and the fact that we keep them healthy to be our key to success.

Quality.  It is our priority that all aspects of our business reflect attention to the things that will promote the highest quality result.

Value.  It is our priority that we work to provide excellent value to our customers and business partners.

Community.  It is our priority that we support our community through volunteering and charitable giving on a local level.  It is also our priority that we support and promote community in the production industry.

Sustainable Operations.  It is our priority that we work to improve the environment through operational initiatives that reduce our negative impact.

Responsibility.  It is our priority that we take responsibility for our actions in all business and personal behavior.

Integrity.  It is our priority that we include integrity as the guiding principle in all of our affairs.