Avid Live Sound Digital Console Promotions

Avid SC48 Remote System with Stage 48Avid has announced promotions on its VENUE line of live sound digital consoles, valid through June 30, 2013.

Get a Complimentary Stage 48 Remote Box

Purchase either an SC48 Remote System or a Mix Rack System with an Ethernet Snake Card and get a complimentary Stage 48 remote frame—a $3,499 value.

The Stage 48 has 3 cardslots, allowing for analog inputs, analog or digital outputs, or an Aviom A-net card to be placed on stage.  (This promotion does NOT include any cards.)

Save up to 20% on VENUE with Your Trade-In

Clients can trade in any used analog or digital console (with a retail value of at least $5,000) towards the purchase of a new VENUE D-Show, Profile, Mix Rack, SC48 or SC48 Remote System and save up to 20%.

The exact amount of the rebate is determined by the original MSRP of the trade-in console, as well as which Avid console is being purchased.

In previous versions of this promotion, the trade-in console had to be destroyed, but Avid is now allowing for the trade-in console to be donated to a charity or non-profit organization of your choice.

To take advantage of either of these promotions, or for a quote on VENUE products or trade-in values, please contact our Sales Team at 847.367.9588 or sales@tcfurlong.com.