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TC Furlong’s Live Event division supports a very wide range of events from concerts to corporate meetings, special events to broadcast originations.  Over the past couple of months, the Live Events team coordinated audio for three Broadcast events including several HD concert tapings for public television and an MSNBC town hall with Bernie sanders.

The common thread to all of our live events work is the scope of involvement that focuses on comprehensive project management, in-depth design work, complete system solutions and having our staff engineering team onsite.


“The MSNBC taping came together on relatively short notice,” says TC Furlong’s Chris Wintz who managed the project and was also the reinforcement mixer.  The call had come in only five days before taping.  “We had to forgo a site survey and instead designed off of a diagram and photos. We worked closely with the MSNBC line producer to make sure the broadcast team was fully supported, as well as making sure every seat in the house had good coverage, without interfering with the live broadcast.”


Broadcast2 (2)

In terms of gear, everything was designed with a small visual footprint in mind including Meyer UPM-1P loudspeakers on heavy based mic stands. “Mixing backstage, watching the action on a LED display, getting level notes from my A2 and simultaneously listening to the director and production mixer on intercom is a challenge under any circumstance and even more so in live TV,” Wintz continued.  “Working with the MSNBC New York crew and the other many local vendors required that precision advancing and being super-nimble onsite. We’re really good at being flexible.”

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