Countryman Sales and Rentals – Chicago and Nationwide

CountrymanTC Furlong Inc. offers professional audio sales and rentals for Countryman equipment.

Our vast inventory of audio rental gear from Countryman—coupled with our fast service and 24×7 support—allows us to deliver fast service for both rental and sale of (MFR name) equipment.

Equipment from Countryman includes:

  • H6 omni and directional headset microphones
  • B2D directional lavalier microphones
  • E2 earset microphones
  • E6 and E6i omni and directional headset microphones
  • B6 lavalier microphones
  • B3 lavalier microphones
  • EMW lavalier microphones
  • ISOMAX headset microphones and ISOMAX-2 all-purpose microphones
  • Type 10, 10S, 85, and 85S direct boxes

Click here to browse our full rental inventory of equipment from Countryman and many others. To inquire about sales, call us at 847-367-9588.

TC Furlong Inc. offers 24×7 support, fast response times, professional staff, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get you the Countryman equipment you need for whatever your need may be.


If you need to purchase or rent any Countryman equipment, call our sales or rental teams at 847.367.9588 or email us at or

You can rent or buy with confidence from TC Furlong Inc. We have been providing audio rentals, sales, sound systems and equipment made by Countryman—as well as many others—to Chicago, Chicago suburbs, the Midwest and nationwide for over 40 years.