Rentals Update: Shure ULX-P Express Wireless Systems

By Oz, Sales/Marketing


At TC Furlong, we typically design and assemble each wireless system specifically to our customers’ specifications, but sometimes, a quick and simple solution is best.

We now offer Express Wireless Systems featuring Shure ULX-P in single, dual, and quad configurations that are racked up and ready to go. Transmitter options include SM58 hand-helds, WL-185 lavalieres, and Point Source Audio CO-8WS ear-worn. All express systems include fresh batteries, ½ wave antennas, frequency coordination, and complete shop testing.

ULX-P is one of many Shure wireless systems that we have in our rental inventory. Audio engineers and sound contractors rely on Shure’s wireless solutions to achieve clear, hassle-free wireless sound. An ultra-wide tuning range for ULX, with up to 40 compatible systems, guarantees confident command of demanding installations and live sound productions.

Over 1400 selectable, pre-programmed frequencies are available, and Automatic Frequency Selection provides a straight shot to a clear channel. ULX Professional systems offer more advanced features and controls, including lockable settings and group scan function.

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