Avid SC48 Digital Mixing Console Rental

Avid SC48 imageWe offer Avid SC48 rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The Avid SC48 is just one of many digital mixing consoles in our rental inventory.

All SC48 mixing console rentals include power supplies and lights.

The fully integrated VENUE SC48 combines all I/O, DSP processing, and tactile control into a single compact console, making it the most portable and affordable VENUE system yet. While its small size is ideal for smaller productions and installations where space is at a premium—such as clubs, houses of worship, regional sound reinforcement, and corporate A/V events—SC48 doesn’t compromise the amazing sound quality, power, and performance that are the hallmarks of all VENUE systems.
VENUE SC48 is available standalone, with all I/O housed in the console, or as part of the SC48 Remote System, which pairs the console with the AVB-enabled Stage 48 remote box, allowing the I/O to be located up to 328 feet (100 meters) from the console. Both systems provide 48 inputs (maximum) and 16 outputs (expandable to 32), feature a built-in FireWire Pro Tools interface, and come with Pro Tools software—all you need is a laptop to record and play back tracks.
Both systems also offer unique workflow innovations. With Channel Control, a single button press gives you immediate access and control over any channel strip function, including input parameters, EQ and dynamics, and Aux sends, using the console’s eight color-coded rotary encoders. And the Flex Channel gives you access to what’s important; for example, you can use it in latch mode to gain perpetual access to a key channel, and never lose sight of the star of the show.

  • 16 bankable input channel strips, each with a touch-sensitive fader, one multi-purpose assignable rotary encoder, solo, mute and select controls
  • 48 input channels with full processing, plus 8 stereo FX Returns
  • Built-In High-Pass Filter, Dynamics and EQ processors on each input channel strip
  • Level meters on each input channel strip
  • Channel Control section for customizable center section control of input settings, dynamics and EQ (or dyn/EQ plug-ins) settings, and Aux Sends.
  • 1 FlexChannel for full-time, high-resolution control of your primary input (podium, lead vocal, soloist, or other)
  • 8 multi-purpose Output faders strips, each with a touch-sensitive fader, one multi-purpose encoder, solo, mute and select controls
  • 1 Mains fader
  • Up to 24 31-band Graphic EQs available for Outputs
  • Main Busses configurable as Left–Center–Right or Left–Right+Mono

TC Furlong offers Avid SC48 rentals alongside many other digital mixing consoles and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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Avid SC48 Rental Documentation:

Avid SC48 Rental Manual (PDF)

Avid SC48 Rental Spec Sheet (PDF)