Intercom Rentals

Wireless Intercom

ManufacturerModelChannelsConfigurationsFrequency Block
Clear-ComFreeSpeak II41 Drop
2 Drop
3 Drop
4 Drop
5 Drop
6 Drop
Operates in 1.9 GHz
HMEDX20011 Drop
2 Drop
3 Drop
4 Drop
Operates in 2.4 GHz
HMEDX30023 Drop
4 Drop
Operates in 2.4 GHz
Radio Active DesignsUV1G21 Drop
2 Drop
3 Drop
4 Drop
TX: 470-698MHz / RX: 174-216MHz
TelexBTR-80021 Drop
2 Drop
3 Drop
4 Drop
A2 - TX: 632-650MHz - TV Channels 41-43 / RX: 518-536MHz - TV Channels 22-24
B4 - TX: 668-686MHz - TV Channels 47-49 / RX: 536-554MHz - TV Channels 25-27
C4 - TX: 668-686MHz - TV Channels 47-49 / RX: 554-5572MHz - TV Channels 28-30
F2 - TX: 632-650MHz - TV Channels 41-43 / RX: 482-500MHz - TV Channels 16-18

Wired Intercom

Clear-ComCS-2222-channel master station
Clear-ComMS-232 2-channel master station
Clear-ComMS-4404-channel master station
Clear-ComPK-5Single-channel power supply
Clear-ComPK-7Single-channel power supply
Clear-ComRM-4404-channel remote station
Clear-ComRS-501Single-channel beltpack
Clear-ComRS-502Dual-channel beltpack
Clear-ComRS-502TWDual-channel beltpack
Clear-ComRS-601Single-channel beltpack
Clear-ComRS-602Dual-channel beltpack

Intercom Accessories

Clear-ComCC-250Double-muff headset
Clear-ComCC-95Single-muff headset
Clear-ComFL-1Call light
Clear-ComFSII-BASE-IIFreeSpeak II Wireless Intercom Base Station
Clear-ComFSII-BP19-X4-USFreeSpeak II 1.9GHz Wireless Intercom Beltpack
Clear-ComFSII-SPLFreeSpeak II 5:1 Wireless Intercom Antenna Splitter
Clear-ComFSII-TCVR-19-USFreeSpeak II 1.9GHz Wireless Intercom Transceiver Antenna
Clear-ComHS-6Telephone-style handset
Clear-ComKB-111ASpeaker station
Clear-ComTWC-10ATwo-way combiner
CustomIntercom over EthernetAdapter Boxes
David ClarkH8532Double-muff, noise-cancelling headset
HMEBP200/BP3002.4 GHz Wireless intercom bodypack
HMEHS14Single-muff headset
HMEHS15Single-muff headset
HMEMD-XLR4MAdapter for Telex PH-88 headset
Production IntercomBlazon 3Call light
Radio Active DesignsUV-1GBPWireless Intercom beltpack
Radio Active DesignsVF-1VHF Paddle Antenna
RTSSSA-324System interface
Studio TechnologiesModel 45DCDante to Partyline interface
Studio TechnologiesModel 462-wire to 4-wire interface
Studio TechnologiesModel 72Intercom to audio interface
TelexALP-450Directional antenna
TelexAPS-1Passive antenna splitter/combiner
TelexCCB-1Interface for wired Clear-Com
TelexPH-88Lightweight headset
TelexTR-800Wireless Intercom Bodypack
TelexTR-825Wireless Intercom Bodypack B4 block only

Handheld Radios

MidlandLXT600VP3Handheld Radio
MotorolaCP200DHandheld Radio (available with single or 6-pack charger, remote speaker/mics, and lightweight headsets)
MotorolaCT250Walkie Talkie
RCABR250Handheld Radio (available as 6-pack w/accessories)
Impact Radio AccessoriesM1-P2W-AT1Discreet Earset for Radios
Planet HeadsetTitan M1Noise canceling raido headset, dual muff
RCAHS250LWHHeadset for Radios