Avid Stage Rack Rental

Stage RackWe offer Avid Stage Rack rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The Avid Stage Rack is just one of many digital mixing consoles and accessories in our rental inventory.

The Avid Stage Rack serves as the remote I/O component of the D-Show and Profile live sound systems for stage connections. Working in conjunction with the FOH Rack, Stage Rack can be expanded to house a variety of analog and digital inputs and outputs for mic and line-level connections, which are delivered via a 75 Ohm BNC digital snake connection to the DSP Mix Engine cards housed in the FOH Rack. Up to two Stage Racks can be used simultaneously with a D-Show or Profile System to handle large-scale stage productions—up to 96 total mic/line inputs and outputs.

The 10-space Stage Rack offers remote connection of mic and line-level inputs and outputs from the stage. It works in conjunction with the FOH Rack, which provides all processing power, and is compatible with both D-Show and Profile Systems.

Customizable for Your Interface Needs

You can choose to start with the Stage Rack base configuration (48 analog mic/line inputs, 8 analog line outputs) and expand the output count with optional output cards as needed (up to 48 total outputs), or start from the ground up and completely customize your rack with any combination of analog and digital inputs and outputs (up to a maximum 48 inputs and 48 outputs). Stage Rack has a variety of I/O option cards available, all offering eight discrete channels, to tailor the I/O to suit your interface needs—you can even add optional A-Net output cards (which offer 16 output channels and occupy two slots each) for personal monitoring, allowing you to integrate Aviom Pro16 Series mixers and networks with your Avid live sound system.

Maximum Audio Fidelity

Signals from the Stage Rack are delivered to the FOH Rack through affordable and industry-proven dual redundant 75 Ohm BNC digital snakes (not included). This snake system allows sensitive mic signals to be converted to digital as close to the source as possible, preserving the maximum audio fidelity of the signal for pristine sound.

Make It a Duo

For audio productions that require more than 48 inputs or outputs, you can employ two Stage Racks per FOH Rack in a system for a total of 96 inputs and 96 outputs. Simply add a second Snake Card (available as an FOH Rack option) to the FOH Rack to complete a second dual redundant connection.

The Avid Stage Rack Features:

  • Durable 10-space steel rack houses a maximum of 48 inputs and 48 outputs
  • Base configuration comes standard with 48 analog XLR mic/line inputs (maximum capacity) and 8 analog XLR line inputs (expandable to 48 with optional output cards)
  • Up to two Stage Racks can be connected to a FOH Rack for a total I/O count of 96 mic/line inputs and outputs
  • High-quality remote connection from the Stage Rack to an FOH Rack via dual redundant 75 Ohm BNC digital snakes (not included) delivers maximum audio fidelity
  • Supports optional analog, digital, and A-Net output cards, which offer additional 8-channel output expansion (up to 48 total outputs)
  • Customize the I/O with any number of combinations of analog and/or digital inputs, analog and/or digital outputs, and A-Net outputs—up to 48 total inputs and outputs in a single rack
  • Comes standard with dual redundant, field-replaceable power supplies

TC Furlong offers Avid Stage Rack rentals alongside many other digital and analog mixing consoles and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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Avid Stage Rack Rental Documentation:

Avid Profile Spec Sheet (PDF)