BSS DPR-901ii Dynamic EQ Rental

BSS DPR901II imageWe offer BSS DPR-901ii Dynamic EQ rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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The BSS DPR-901ii Dynamic EQ is just one of several other brands of signal processors in our rental inventory.

The BSS DPR-901ii is a four band parametric equaliser which varies the degree of equalisation dynamically, as the program level changes. The process can be thought of as frequency selective compression and/or expansion, but it is fundamentally different to simple ‘frequency-conscious’ dynamics processing as used for noise gating, de-essing and the like. It is also very different to the growing family of ‘sliding filter’ techniques used in single-ended noise reduction processors. A split facility allows the unit to be used as two separate two band units, and a side chain listen button allows monitoring of the filter setup. Frequency selective compression is equivalent to applying CUT on a normal equaliser while frequency selective expansion is like applying BOOST. However, the DPR-901ii can be more subtle as the process is dynamic: it will only occur above (or below) the threshold you have set.

Some possible uses for the DPR-901ii technology can be:

  • To selectively compress and/or expand, broad or narrow-band segments of program.
  • To de-ess and de-pop.
  • To add dynamic loudness control (eg. bass boost at low SPLs).
  • To control SPL in a dynamic and frequency conscious manner.
  • To enhance or ‘sweeten’ mixed programme.
  • To improve voice intelligibility (without risking howlround or feedback).
  • To enhance low level vocals.
  • To correct for and/or guard against, bad microphone technique (by unskilled performers).

And in common with other units in BSS Audio’s processor range, the DPR-901ii features:

  • Friendly rotary control knobs for all parameter adjustments.
  • Excellent low level resolution to maintain subtle musical detail.
  • Minimum phase and low group delay for any EQ setting.
  • High headroom >+ 20dBu.
  • Conservative drive capability into low impedances (down to 600 ohms) and long, highly capacitive cables.
  • Automatic relay controlled signal bypass if mains power is disconnected or fails.

Altogether, the DPR-901ii will not degrade a conventional high quality analogue signal processing chain, even when two units are inserted in line with the composite stereo mix.

TC Furlong offers BSS DPR-901ii Dynamic EQ rentals alongside several other brands of signal processors and an extensive rental inventory of professional audio equipment.

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BSS DPR-901ii Dynamic EQ Rental Documentation:

BSS DPR-901ii Rental Manual (PDF)