TC Furlong Wireless Advantage

PSM1000-P10R_1000When renting wireless gear—microphone, IEM, IFB, or intercom systems—we provide more than just transmitters and receivers.  Each system is designed specifically for your rental, and benefits from our decades of expertise in wireless system design and operation.

  • Frequency coordination for your performance location for all wireless systems.  We have the knowledge and specialized tools to accurately coordinate your wireless system with other wireless and avoid local broadcasters.
  • Custom configurations.  Every wireless system we send out is designed specifically for that rental.  We don’t pre-configure any wireless before we know exactly what you need.
  • Every wireless system is loaded with fresh batteries, then tested as a system before it leaves our shop to guarantee performance at your show site.
  • The correct antenna for the job.  We deploy a wide range of antennas for many different applications.  From log-periodic and omni antennas to helically- and circularly-polarized antennas, we have the correct antenna for your job.
  • Extras including RF scanners, antenna distribution, high- and low-pass filters, and low-loss cable to help improve signal strength.
  • vast selection of lavalier, headworn, and instrument microphones in all standard colors and a wide selection of handheld microphone capsules.
  • Auxiliary gear to interface our wireless with your system.

Our goal every day is to ensure that your event goes smoothly.  We routinely use our wireless systems in demanding situations.  From television shows with hundreds of wireless systems to the most basic single-channel setup, we have the expertise and design experience to give you what you need for your application.

We also provide RF Tour Support and On-site RF Scanning services.

Call us today at 847-367-9588, or email our rental team at with any questions.