SPLnet: Managing SPL Levels With Accuracy & Precision (Part 2)

By Oz, Sales & Marketing

A few months ago, we posted a blog about how TREND SPL metering software can help manage and regulate the difficult-to-determine SPL levels in your space. While TREND is a great standalone product, the more options there are for this kind of regulation, the better.

“Better audio” includes design and implementation of live sound pressure level monitoring and management such as TREND or Studio Technologies SPLnet.

Studio Technologies SPLnet is an sound pressure level monitoring system that operates through sound and information technology. The platform provides professionals with the data needed to monitor and manage sound and noise on a real-time basis. The systems can be built for either environmental monitoring in places like construction sites, industrial or commercial sites, or transportation, or they can be built for live event systems such as outdoor concerts, indoor performances, sporting events, or houses of worship.

An SPLnet system is made up of two main parts: A Main Electronics Unit (MEU) and a measurement microphone. There are two kinds of each of these parts. The MEU comes either powered over Ethernet (POE) or conventionally powered with a power supply. The microphones come in either Class 1 or Class 2. Depending on the environment and the required measurements, some combination of these two will fit most needs.

Studio Technologies also makes a software called SPLcapture that is able to record and visualize the data recorded by the system’s hardware. It graphically displays audio spectra data and industry-standard algorithms provided by the SPLmonitoring unit, records SPL data in a log file, provides standard reports, and integrates seamlessly with SPLmonitoring units.

An added feature of the SPLnet hardware is that it is cross compatible with the TRENDpro software. The integration of the two allows for more adaptive and expanded systems that can measure at multiple points simultaneously and allow for easy-to-read displays of all metering environments. The SPLnet microphones and MEUs add accuracy to the measurements for TRENDpro. To read more about TRENDpro, you can check out our blog post.

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