TREND SPL Reporting Systems


We are proud to be the exclusive US distributor of

If you…

  • want an on-screen, heads-up, useful SPL dB meter display with non-distracting on-screen color volume “beacons”
  • want the confidence and peace-of-mind  of consistent SPL monitoring, logging, and emailed reports
  • are done with dB meter settings, inaccurate readings, manual logging, forgetting to log, and related uncertainty and inconsistency
  • are not sure if it is (or was) too loud, or how it compares to recommended and regulation volumes
  • demand a tool that helps communicate volume history in plain English

Then you are ready for TREND!

TREND is software for Mac that automates SPL measurement, logging, and email reporting.


Real-time TWA (average)YesYes
"The ZONE" recommended level rangeYesYes
Recommended TWAYesYes
Yellow/Red level indicatorYesYes
Any size display/beaconYesYes
Comprehensive emailed event reportsYesYes
Manually log at any momentYesYes
Automatic report log and email via iCalYesYes
Email when a specific level is exceededYesYes
Automatic launch & restart via iCalYesYes
Supports multiple windows/systemsYesYes
Compares "house" levels to regulation levelsYesYes
Web server for better monitoringIncludedIncluded
Galaxy Audio CM-170 USB meterIncludedIncluded
HASP USB license key programmed for...1 Window1 Window
Studio Technologies networked SPLnetOptional
Real-time exposure meterYes
Event time remaining timerYes
"Exposure Targeting" exposure rate gaugeYes
Real-time "Max TWA Allowed" pointerYes
Real-time "Event Time Remaining" timerYes
Compare time elapsed to exposure in real timeYes

To order TREND, please contact our sales team at or 847.367.9588.