Yamaha Announces TF Series of Digital Consoles

Yamaha-TF5The new TF Series (TF1, TF3, and TF5) combines Yamaha know-how with new input from the field and the latest touch-screen technology to deliver a console experience that focuses on efficient, intuitive operation—at an entry-level price.

Smooth setup and operation, practical presets and scenes, refined design, and software applications comprise TouchFlow Operation: a new concept in console interfaces that offers unprecedented comfort and convenience in small consoles for a wide range of users and applications.

Features include:

  • Multitouch operation with a Touch and Turn Knob for precision control
  • Traditional Overview and Selected Channel interfaces
  • 1-knob COMP and 1-knob EQ
  • Automatic GainFinder for fast setup
  • QuickPro channel presets from partners including Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, and Shure
  • TF StageMix app for wireless mixing
  • MonitorMix app allowing up to 10 iOS devices to be assigned to specific Aux buses for personal mix adjustments
  • 16-32 Local Inputs
  • 16 Local Outputs
  • 20 Aux Buses (8 mono + 6 stereo)
  • 8 DCA with DCA Roll-out
  • Channel scribble strips/colors
  • 32×32 USB Audio Interface

We’ve already placed an order for several consoles, and we expect to be in the initial allocation of units in May 2015.

If you have any questions about the TF Series, please contact our Sales Team at 847.367.9588 or sales@tcfurlong.com.