Yamaha Updates CL and QL Series Firmware

Yamaha-Firmware-72015-wsYamaha Commercial Audio Systems has recently released firmware updates for the following products:

  • CL5 / CL3 / CL1 link
  • QL5 / QL1 link
  • Rio3224-D / Rio1608-D / Ri8-D / Ro8-D link

Details about these updates can be viewed at the above links.

CL Series update highlights:

  • You can now insert two devices into a single channel or bus.
  • You can now assign Stereo/Mono bus master, Mix bus master, and Matrix bus master channels to a DCA group
  • Now supports the Mix Minus function, which removes a specific channel from the signals sent to the MIX/MATRIX buses.
  • You can now view gain reduction meters for Dynamics 1 and 2, as well as other information, on the channel name displays.

Additionally the following software platforms have been updated:

  • CL Editor link
  • QL Editor link
  • Console File Converter link
  • Yamaha Console Extension (formerly known as CL Extension) link
  • StageMix Apps (for LS9, M7CL, QL-series, CL-series) link

As always, we will update your gear for free in our shop.

Please contact Scott Helmke at 847.367.9588 or scott@tcfurlong.com to schedule an appointment.

If you’d prefer to update your gear on your own, the procedure is outlined in the video below.