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The Meyer Sound LD-3 Line Driver is just one of many loudspeaker accessories in our rental inventory.

Once a challenging part of line array system design, environmental conditions are just another part of the mix with the eight-channel LD-3 line driver – a powerful new tool from Meyer Sound for optimizing large-scale sound reinforcement systems by correcting frequency response for the attenuation of sound in air.

Feed the day’s weather report into the LD-3 through its Temperature, Altitude and Relative Humidity knobs, dial-in the type of loudspeakers and distance of the throw for each section of the array, and the LD-3 goes to work. A RISC microcontroller retrieves response correction coefficients and corrects the output to compensate for the weather.

By utilizing multiple-variable atmospheric loss equations and pre-calculated MAPP Online stored values, the LD-3 delivers results quickly and efficiently. Its high-quality, digitally-controlled analog filters provide the best of both worlds: the low latency and wide dynamic range of analog and the nimble, precise, repeatable results of digital. The LD-3 corrects frequency response up to 16 kHz at a resolution down to 1 dB.

  • Compensates for low to mid-low frequency build-up in line arrays to provide ultra-flat frequency response
  • Up to three separate array outputs per channel to control the correction according to the distance of the array section’s coverage, and dedicated sub output controls
  • Input gain from -12 to +6 dB, mute, signal/clip/mute indicators, and a switchable high-pass filter for boundary correction or crossover optimization
  • Total control of an array with mute and optimized filters to integrate subwoofers into the array
  • Compensates for high frequency absorption of air based on temperature, relative humidity, altitude, and throw, enabling your system to work consistently under virtually any weather conditions
  • Male and Female XLR Send/Insert Returns allows flexible routing of the signal and allows the insertion of signal processing such as parametric equalization
  • Corrects frequency response up to 16 kHz at a resolution down to 1 dB
  • Integrates different M Series self-powered speakers for maximum flexibility
  • High-quality, wide dynamic range, digitally-controlled analog filters
  • Maintains signal integrity for long cable paths

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