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meyer speakers compositeWe offer Meyer loudspeaker rentals in Chicago, the Chicago suburbs, and nationwide.

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Meyer is one of several brands of loudspeakers in our rental inventory.

The 1970s saw sound equipment for live performance increase in power capability, but not in reliability or fidelity. In 1979, John and Helen Meyer established Meyer Sound to create and support high-quality products for sound reinforcement and recording, designed to meet the real challenges faced by audio practitioners. Today, the company’s history shows a track record of more than 30 years of innovation, quality, performance and support.

Meyer Sound has more than 300 employees at its Berkeley, Calif., headquarters and satellite offices, including one of the largest engineering staffs (in proportion to company size) in the audio industry. International sales and support are supplied by more than half a dozen offices around the globe. The company works closely with professionals in all areas of sound reinforcement, gathering information on customers’ needs and providing the tools, training, technical support and information to enable the best experience possible for sound system users and audiences alike. Meyer Sound products are manufactured entirely at its Berkeley factory, where high technology is combined with hand craftwork. By performing core processes in house, the company is able to exercise the control to insure its quality standards are met and that each unit is exactly the same as the last.

John and Helen Meyer have been personally involved with the performing arts for years, which has given them a feeling for the role of technology in the arts. Meyer Sound is often involved directly with the performing arts at both corporate and individual levels, locally in Berkeley and worldwide. This is one more way that the company stays in touch with the real reason for its existence.

We have the following Meyer Sound loudspeakers in our rental inventory:

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